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Saturday, 31 August 2013

You're dumb!!!Have you ever felt so disappointed and embarrassed in yourself when someone lends you a book to read but you can’t read it? Today in the society heaps of people still don’t know how to read and write. We believe that education is the key to achieve education goals and successfulness in life, because if you don’t complete our education your family will struggle in life with money, food and raising a family, that's why you need to find a good job by completing your education, get good money, get good food and good clothes. When you have all these things, good education, and a good job you will be  able to pay your own house bills and keep your family in shape. Also you can be able to get better education for your children and generations to come. 

School is very important! Go to school learn as much as you can and don’t leave an energy working. Now lets look at what happens when you don’t have a good education or you drop out of school. The possibilities of a good life when you drop out of school and you don’t have a job is you’ll be on the run from the police rob stores and houses or end up in the streets starving to death with a criminal record.

First of all, to achieve in school, we need to participate in class even if its boring or not 
interesting. For example, get information from your teachers and others as much as you
can. You don’t know, after 5 or 6 more years you can get an University degree and study 
any of your favourite subjects in the future.

Furthermore,  to “Working Hard” why? Because you can get a good job. In addition, you'll 
work hard to accomplish goals and always make your name and family name proud when 
you reach the level of master degree in anything you do. Family is also important in 
education. If you don't have a good family e.g Equally important,  get a good job. For 
example, get money and buy resources for your family when they need it. Furthermore, 
raise your family in a positive way, always, and I mean always provide healthy good food 
on the table and most importantly a shelter above their heads.

In fact, if you accomplish your education goals you will have a successful life in future, you
can be anything you want if you put your mind to it. If you work hard you won’t have to 
struggle in life and raising a family wouldn't be such a pain. Listen to what your parents and 
teachers say about school because their education wasn't as good as ours, your parents 
goals are to achieve the best for you. Your parents are only concerned for education and. 
Just imagine if everyone in the world had a successful great education, we would have a 
great world with people being able to afford the good things in life instead of being poor, we 
would have jobs not guns, knifes and trying to rob a bank.

Quotes: “Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”  ~Will Durant.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

~Nelson Mandela.
Quotes from great leaders can put a lot of impact in your life, not bad impact but it could be
a great impact. The message is, anyone can be anything if you set your mind, heart and all
your effort into it. So take care and go hard in your learning and everything you do.

Friday, 30 August 2013

State Housing

“I think  state housing should be a stepping stone and no longer about a home for life,” Prime Minister John Key said.  His comments followed a protest in the Auckland suburb of Glen Innes over the weekend. I believe that Glen Innes families should be allowed to live in Glen Innes, and they shouldn't need to move out of their homes.  We should stop John Key from taking away our houses in Glen Innes, because not many people in Glen Innes have enough money to afford a new house, families should not have to live in the streets, and we should build up our neighbourhoods not tear them down! And why kick them out when you're not even gonna use the land?
First of all, I think that Minister John Key should help families who need homes, instead of making them homeless and living off the streets, because if you have children, the kid’s would be unsafe on the on the streets, and also it is unnerving to have to be around dangerous people. For example, I think children deserve to have home’s  even if parent’s  get kicked out, because then they wouldn't have anywhere else to stay, if they don’t have any money to afford a new home. Why kick them out when you know they don’t have money.

Equally important is that  John  Key doesn't have the right to move families houses. More than 50 families have  stayed in Glen Innes for about more than 12 years. So why move people out of their own home’s where they were raised and had memories of them when they were a child.

Furthermore, I think it’s not fair for families that have lived in their home’s for most of their lives to be kicked out into the streets, because the house they’re living in is like their homestead. Just think about if they have children, and they grow up in their home and they have to get kicked out of their home’s, what would you do if you had to get kicked out? I Feel very terrified, because most of my family got kicked out of their home’s and they lived in their house for about 8 years and now we have nothing left!

So in conclusion, I think houses should stay where they are, and they shouldn't be moved in the first place. Please take a stand with me and lets stop John Keys from removing people from their homes, breaking up families, and breaking down neighbourhoods. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone could have a stable home?

By: Katalina