Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 28 March 2014

Week 8 Friday Flash

Another superstar week in the world of Glenbrae. So much learning and a few exciting extra-curricular activities too. 

Garden Club... 
We discovered a few of our students had green thumbs in the Monday Garden Club, they made a fantastic job of weeding and tidying our school gardens. 

I wonder what wonderful things we can grow this year!

Festival of Education...
Several of our students also enjoyed a trip to the Festival of Education to showcase their learning. A huge thank you to Lennyx, Hannah, Danielle, Te Puawai, Edwina, Jerome, Mrs Raj and Mrs Elia who gave up their Saturday to share how and what we are learning at the Festival of Education. 

Literacy Learning .... 

In literacy we are currently learning about Information Reports. 
To help get us started the Kiwi reading group successfully analysed an information report to locate all of the features. Well Done! 
I look forward to seeing these features showing up in our writing too. 

A huge congratulations to our Certificate Recipients this week: 
Jack - Working independently and improving work using feedback. 
Atelaite - Working well and asking good questions in reading. 
Molimauola - Producing quality work in reading 
Siosifa - working independently and focusing his learning. 
Eseki - working diligently and producing high quality writing 

We also had a bonanza in the wonderhoop this week with 11 names being drawn!

Blogger of the Month... 
In case you hadn't checked it out yet, February's Blogger of the Month was Edwina!
You can catch her blog here or see the updates live on the front page of our class site
March Blogger of the Month is soon to be announced so keep blogging and watch this space! 

Coming up.... 
As part of our Survival in the Wild inquiry this term we are learning about how to prepare for bush walk, information about medicinal plants, native birds, plants, insects and animals. 
Next week we are going on a trip to the Zoo to learn more about the native bush, and the following week we will be going to Long Bay on the North Shore to learn about outdoor survival skills. Stay tuned, for more updates on our learning. 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bio Poem

Hilarious, enthusiastic, active
Lover of cute puppies and dogs, music, and eating everything in the cupboard
Who wonders if a disaster will hit Auckland
Who fears insects, living in nooks and corners and getting possessed
Who feels happy when around friends, watching action movies, spending time with family
Who is able to strive for a good education
Who would like to win Lotto and visit family all around the world
Who dreams of drifting on a cloud 

By Anamanu

My Bio Poem

Cheerful, kind, respectful
Lover of video games, watching T.V, and spending time with family.
Who wonders why there is so much killing in the world.
Who fears spiders, shortage of food in the world, and big dogs that bark.
Who feels delighted when alone playing video games
Who is scared of dying, and afraid of falling off of a building.
Who is able to complete any video game, watch TV without blinking, win a burger eating competition.
Who would like to get an autograph from Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), visit America, and go to Disney world.
Who dreams of being a game tester.

By Salelei

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Jezebel's Bio Poem

Almond eyed, long hair and friendly
Lover of ice cream, lollies and chocolate
Who wonders what’s beyond this world
Who fears spiders, dogs and heights
Who feels vivacious when going to visit other places
Who is able to help anyone if they need help
Who would like to see popular singers, visit other countries
Who dreams of being the top Master Chef in New Zealand

 Want to be a shef.png
By Jezebel

Bio Poem

Furiously fast, flexible, hilarious
Lover of dogs, youtube videos, and fire
Who wonders if we are able to adapted anymore than we have now
Who fears terrifying sharks, screams from people who are ill, crashing thunder and lightning in the pitch black of the night
Who feels delighted when people laugh at jokes, disturbed and angry when people tease, happy when family is around
Who is able to do a backflip on a trampoline
Who would like to skydive off a plane, go wing suit gliding and snow boarding
sky.pngWho dreams of being a car test driver

By Jack

Bio Poem

Tall, brainy and long haired
Lover of any genre of music, romance novels and horror movies
Who wonders why people ask what the mark on the throat is
Who fears clowns, heights and the dark
Who feels happy when she hears the sound of heavy rain and droplets racing down the window
Who is able to be placed first on an online shooting game
Who would like to travel around the world, discover new cultures and meet new people
Who dreams of becoming an author or rock the world as a singer
Hilarious and bubbly!!!

By Gemima

My Bio Poem about a friend

Weird, lovable and pretty
Lover of most types of music, stuffed animals and horror movies
Who wonders why unicorns aren’t real
Who fears clowns, dolls and people staring at her
Who feels nerve wracked when she’s alone
Who is able to to put a smile on your face whenever you’re down
Who would like to rock the world in a band with her best friends
Who dreams of living with her best friends forever
Uplifted and classy ♡

By Gemima

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Basketball, class visits and water safety ... An ordinary day in Room 10

Such a busy day today!!
We started with basketball and learned more about the rules including the three types of fouls. 'Reaching, pushing and blocking' are all types of fouls. 
We played a warm up game called Hospital tag, where everybody was in, and when tagged you had to hold where you were tagged, like a band aid. 
We learned some more dribbling tricks and practiced dribbling behind our backs and between our legs. 
Then we played Dribble King, which was a game where you had to try and knock the other person's ball away while still dribbling your own. Some of us were really skilled at it!
The trick of the week was learning how to spin the ball on our finger! It was tricky, but most of us got there. 

We also had a visit from Chaplin Bruce today who talked to us about being proud of our differences. He said that when we work together we can achieve more! He gave Hannah an awesome bracelet made out of many rubber bands. She has been asked to share it with other students in the class throughout the week too... 

This afternoon we carried on with our learning about water safety. This time, we practiced wearing life jackets, and how to make sure they are fitted properly. It was much tighter than many of us thought. The best way to test it was to pull them by the shoulders and if it comes up it is too loose! 

Please have a look at our blog page to read our individual blogs. 

Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Flash - End of Week 6!

This week has flown by, especially with both Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj being away on training seminars through the week. Luckily Room 10 had the wonderful Mrs Sigamoney instead. 
Constructing a blog comment. 
This week we talked about blogging and how to construct a thoughtful, helpful, positive comment. We love it when people comment on our blogs so please take the time to read through them and say something positive! 

This week we blogged about the graphs we have been making using Google Spreadsheets with the data we have collected over the term. 
We also wrote some fantastic Bio Poems about ourselves and our friends.  
To read our Bio Poems head to our blog homepage

We drew 10 wonderhoop winners today. The lucky recipients were Danielle, James, Siosifa, Alex, Salelei, Nunia, Anamanu, Atelaite, Gemima and Mangila. There were so many names in the hoop this week! 
Well done Room 10! And may the odds, be ever in your favour. 

Congratulations to the six people who received certificates also. Mangila for learning to work independently, Salelei and Nganga for beginning to work diligently, Jerome for excellent participation and skill development in Basketball, Anamanu for swimming skills, and James for learning to work diligently  

Stay tuned for next weeks adventures in Room 10 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Flash ... Room 10's weekly blast.

What a busy week in Room 10. We charged through most of our tests and had four sessions in the Life Education Caravan with the wonderful Meredith and Harold. We really enjoyed Harold's jokes, and Meredith had a lot of information to share with us about Keeping a Balance and how our brain works. Test out our Keeping a Balance Quiz

Water Safety
We also learned about rip currents and talked about to recognise the calm water as a rip. This means that when we swim at the beach, the safest spot is where there are breaking waves, and always between the flags! 
We then talked about what you should do if you are ever caught in a rip. 

  • Keep calm
  • Swim with it 
  • or swim parallel to the breaking waves 
  • Conserve your energy
We then had fun creating our own rip current in the pool. Two groups of us formed lines in the middle of the pool and made 'waves' which moved like currents and formed a rip down the middle of the groups. 
Mrs Parker got very wet! Next week we will practice more water safety, using life jackets and how to be safe in and around water. 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Basketball Session 2

Session two of basketball with Coach Steph was a great success. 
After a quick recap from last weeks learning we moved onto more ball control skills. 
She gave us tasks that gradually got harder and harder, and before we knew it we were able to dribble a figure 8 around our legs - very technical and very skilled. 

Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Memories.

Week 5 of term one and we are hard at work with Asttle and Star testing. What insightful writing we are producing. 
Last week was so busy that Mrs Parker forgot to send out the Friday Flash.
We had several students take home Happy Notes, and go in the Friday draw for 'caught being good'. 

Our certificate recipients at Friday assembly were Danielle, Gemima, Ilalio, Edwina and Eseki. Well done to you all, and keep up the hard work, wonderful writing, determination and polite, kind behaviour. It is a pleasure to have you as part of our Room 10 learning whanau. 
We had a record amount of wonder hoop entries this week too: with Baden, Atelaite, Moli, Chanel, Edwina and Joseph taking home prizes. To those of you who missed out, better luck this week. 
Other class highlights included the Basketball training with Coach Steph (see the class and individual blog posts for more details), and our Year 8 trip to Tamaki College. 
In the week ahead, we have Life Education van visiting Glenbrae and we are enjoying our class novel The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.