Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 19 December 2014

Faster and Fitter

You might remember earlier this year we tested our fitness with sit-ups, press-ups and a beep test.
Today we looked back at our previous scores then took the test again.

It was great to see that as well as learning lots and stretching our minds this year, we have also improved our fitness.
Everybody improved in at least one of the tests, and some people improved in all three. Also it was great to spend the last few days cheering each other on and celebrating such success.

Well done Room 10 class members, you make me proud.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Poetic Vocabulary

Writing today is focusing on poetry, this time poems about Dance Fever, how we feel before, during and after each type of dance we learnt. 

During our brainstorm we came up with so much amazing vocab. Stay tuned to see our completed poetic works. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

What a Wonderful Week Iwa

Only two weeks left of 2014's school year. Which means that we don't have much time left for learning and good times here at Glenbrae before the Christmas season is upon us. 
Many of us in Room 10 are off to College next year, and the remaining eight Year 7 students will become Year 8 school leaders. 
Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj have been planning lots of exciting learning activities to get us ready for the summer break and also helping us to make some christmas crafts to gifts share with our whanau. 

We have a few special days coming up before the end of the year, which we hope that families can come along to.

Home School Partnership 

5.45pm Wednesday 10th December 
Please bring a plate of food to share afterwards. 

10am Tuesday 16th December 
Come dressed in your Sunday best for the Dance Fever performance afterwards
Bring a change of shorts and t-shirt for fun family activities in the afternoon

Senior Graduation 
5.45pm Wednesday 17th December 
Come dressed in your Sunday best and Please bring a plate of food to share afterwards. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The taste test!

Last week we looked at what we should look for on a food label. We analysed 6 boxes of muesli bars for energy, sugar, fibre, whole grains, and saturated fat. We then had to taste each bar and talk about the flavour texture and smell.
We used both sets of information to evaluate the bars and make recommendations based on health and taste.
View our individual blogs to see the results and recommendations.

Developing our Softball Skills

Our Auckland Sport focus the past few weeks has been Softball, we learned some tips about throwing and catching and today we finally got out to bat. It was great fun cheering one another on and being supportive.

Check out these great shots from today's lesson.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Making Informed Choices... What's in a label?

Today in Room 10 we continued with our investigation into healthy food and understanding food labels. 

We analysed the labels of 7 different types of muesli and snack bars to see what levels of fat, sugar, fibre and energy they had. 

From here we made infographics to display our findings and make recommendations.... check our individual blogs to see what we found out. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I notice... I Wonder... Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Today we explored food nutrition labels... 
We jotted down the things that we noticed and wondered about what we read. 

Food Item Nutrition Label
I Notice…
I wonder
Kellogs Nutrigrain
  • there is 32% or ⅓ pure sugar.
  • i noticed that nutrigrain has calcium
  • I noticed that I don’t understand some of these words
  • I wonder if you can eat nutrigrain with sugar when not doing anything for the day.
  • I wonder what Folate is
  • I wonder
SNAX Crackers

  • I think that snax crackers are unhealthy.
  • I wonder why they taste good
  • SKOF BBQ Chips
    • there is 3.4 per a servings in one packet
    • I notice there is 2120KJ in quantity per 100g
    • there is 840 kj per a hundred grams
    • I noticed
    I  wonder how much you eat is how much you get.
    Sanitarium Honey Puffs
    • I notice that there is more ingredients in the muesli than the honey puffs but taste so differently
  • I wonder how they make honey puffs.
  • Super Fruity Toasted Muesli

    • I wonder how all the ingredients and products fit into the finish touch.
    Skippy Cornflakes
    • I wonder what Niacin is.
    • i wonder what is dietary fibre
    Spuds Chicken Chips
    • Spuds is unhealthy
    • I noticed that spuds contains
    • What is vitamin B3
    • I wonder