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Thursday, 13 November 2014

I notice... I Wonder... Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Today we explored food nutrition labels... 
We jotted down the things that we noticed and wondered about what we read. 

Food Item Nutrition Label
I Notice…
I wonder
Kellogs Nutrigrain
  • there is 32% or ⅓ pure sugar.
  • i noticed that nutrigrain has calcium
  • I noticed that I don’t understand some of these words
  • I wonder if you can eat nutrigrain with sugar when not doing anything for the day.
  • I wonder what Folate is
  • I wonder
SNAX Crackers

  • I think that snax crackers are unhealthy.
  • I wonder why they taste good
  • SKOF BBQ Chips
    • there is 3.4 per a servings in one packet
    • I notice there is 2120KJ in quantity per 100g
    • there is 840 kj per a hundred grams
    • I noticed
    I  wonder how much you eat is how much you get.
    Sanitarium Honey Puffs
    • I notice that there is more ingredients in the muesli than the honey puffs but taste so differently
  • I wonder how they make honey puffs.
  • Super Fruity Toasted Muesli

    • I wonder how all the ingredients and products fit into the finish touch.
    Skippy Cornflakes
    • I wonder what Niacin is.
    • i wonder what is dietary fibre
    Spuds Chicken Chips
    • Spuds is unhealthy
    • I noticed that spuds contains
    • What is vitamin B3
    • I wonder

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