Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 19 December 2014

Faster and Fitter

You might remember earlier this year we tested our fitness with sit-ups, press-ups and a beep test.
Today we looked back at our previous scores then took the test again.

It was great to see that as well as learning lots and stretching our minds this year, we have also improved our fitness.
Everybody improved in at least one of the tests, and some people improved in all three. Also it was great to spend the last few days cheering each other on and celebrating such success.

Well done Room 10 class members, you make me proud.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Poetic Vocabulary

Writing today is focusing on poetry, this time poems about Dance Fever, how we feel before, during and after each type of dance we learnt. 

During our brainstorm we came up with so much amazing vocab. Stay tuned to see our completed poetic works. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

What a Wonderful Week Iwa

Only two weeks left of 2014's school year. Which means that we don't have much time left for learning and good times here at Glenbrae before the Christmas season is upon us. 
Many of us in Room 10 are off to College next year, and the remaining eight Year 7 students will become Year 8 school leaders. 
Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj have been planning lots of exciting learning activities to get us ready for the summer break and also helping us to make some christmas crafts to gifts share with our whanau. 

We have a few special days coming up before the end of the year, which we hope that families can come along to.

Home School Partnership 

5.45pm Wednesday 10th December 
Please bring a plate of food to share afterwards. 

10am Tuesday 16th December 
Come dressed in your Sunday best for the Dance Fever performance afterwards
Bring a change of shorts and t-shirt for fun family activities in the afternoon

Senior Graduation 
5.45pm Wednesday 17th December 
Come dressed in your Sunday best and Please bring a plate of food to share afterwards. 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The taste test!

Last week we looked at what we should look for on a food label. We analysed 6 boxes of muesli bars for energy, sugar, fibre, whole grains, and saturated fat. We then had to taste each bar and talk about the flavour texture and smell.
We used both sets of information to evaluate the bars and make recommendations based on health and taste.
View our individual blogs to see the results and recommendations.

Developing our Softball Skills

Our Auckland Sport focus the past few weeks has been Softball, we learned some tips about throwing and catching and today we finally got out to bat. It was great fun cheering one another on and being supportive.

Check out these great shots from today's lesson.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Making Informed Choices... What's in a label?

Today in Room 10 we continued with our investigation into healthy food and understanding food labels. 

We analysed the labels of 7 different types of muesli and snack bars to see what levels of fat, sugar, fibre and energy they had. 

From here we made infographics to display our findings and make recommendations.... check our individual blogs to see what we found out. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I notice... I Wonder... Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Today we explored food nutrition labels... 
We jotted down the things that we noticed and wondered about what we read. 

Food Item Nutrition Label
I Notice…
I wonder
Kellogs Nutrigrain
  • there is 32% or ⅓ pure sugar.
  • i noticed that nutrigrain has calcium
  • I noticed that I don’t understand some of these words
  • I wonder if you can eat nutrigrain with sugar when not doing anything for the day.
  • I wonder what Folate is
  • I wonder
SNAX Crackers

  • I think that snax crackers are unhealthy.
  • I wonder why they taste good
  • SKOF BBQ Chips
    • there is 3.4 per a servings in one packet
    • I notice there is 2120KJ in quantity per 100g
    • there is 840 kj per a hundred grams
    • I noticed
    I  wonder how much you eat is how much you get.
    Sanitarium Honey Puffs
    • I notice that there is more ingredients in the muesli than the honey puffs but taste so differently
  • I wonder how they make honey puffs.
  • Super Fruity Toasted Muesli

    • I wonder how all the ingredients and products fit into the finish touch.
    Skippy Cornflakes
    • I wonder what Niacin is.
    • i wonder what is dietary fibre
    Spuds Chicken Chips
    • Spuds is unhealthy
    • I noticed that spuds contains
    • What is vitamin B3
    • I wonder

    Wednesday, 12 November 2014


    Come on guys, let's be Travel wise. Please enjoy watching this movie.
    Please leave a comment.

    Zombie Apocalypse

    During Term 3 Glenbrae School learned all about Natural Disasters. We learned about how to be prepared to survive a natural disaster... But what about a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? 

    Would you be prepared? 

    This film is about being prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse. Watch the movie and enjoy! Please leave a comment about how you enjoyed watching the movie.

    Tuesday, 11 November 2014

    Does taste require smell?

    Smell and taste are different senses. Today in Room 10 we investigated how they relate to one another.  

    Our taste buds are on our tongue and can sense 5 different tastes: Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Umami (Savoury). 

    Flavour however, is activated by our sense of smell. When we can also smell something we can easier identify the flavour. 

    We tasted Jelly Beans, with our eyes closed, and nose blocked, so that only our sense of taste was working. We could taste sweet, but not much else. 

    Once we unblocked our noses, and added our sense of smell... we sensed more flavour. 

    We will write up our reports this week... stay tuned for more details. 

    Coming soon to a HOYTS XTREME Scream near you...

    Tuesday, 4 November 2014

    House WARS

    Recently I posted about House Points. Which we earn by showing respect to one another, to property, by playing fairly, by looking after our school grounds. Yesterday instead of competing with kindness we competed with strength in a round of TUG-O-WAR.

    First we competed Girls vs. Girls in house groups then Boys vs. Boys. Finally finishing with whole house competitions. 

    In the girls competition we had two heats, then a final. The final was Kowhai vs. Nikau. Kowhai girls won, with Nikau coming second. 

    The boys competition followed the same format. With Kauri and Nikau in the final. Kauri came first, and Nikau second. 

    In the whole house competitions the final came down to Kauri vs. Rata. Kauri won again, with Rata coming second. 

    It was great that all houses got a place on the leaderboard, and the thing I liked best to see, was that when houses were not competing, they were always supporting another house. Cheering them on and displaying great sportsmanship! 

    Well done all houses. It was a great event. 


    Girls Competition                        Kowhai 1st vs. Nikau 2nd 

    Boys Competition                            Kauri 1st vs. Nikau 2nd

    Whole House Competition                Kauri 1st vs. Rata 2nd 

    Monday, 3 November 2014

    Room 10's Friday Flash

    This week in Room 10 has flown by, with Monday being a public holiday we have only had four days of learning time. With our assessments running next week we have been busy going over writing structures and mathematics so that we are ready for our assessments next week.
    Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker have started quizzing some of us and have been very pleased to see the improvements in our learning so far. Well done Room 10.
    Keep up the hard work. 

    We have a new house point system with cool clear boxes to put our house points in. Now we can see who is in the lead in the race to fill the boxes. You can fill the boxes by showing respect in the playground, duty teachers have pockets fill of house points to give away to people who show respect to property, and others. Who use respectful language and play respectfully. Good luck to all the houses! 

    Friday, 17 October 2014

    Term 4 kicks off with a Jive!

    It's been heads down learning up week 1 of term 4. In week 4 we have our final assessments for the year, so we are all trying to learn as much as possible to improve our personal bests. 
    We've also been enjoying this amazing warmer weather and getting outdoors to practice for upcoming Glenbrae and inter-school athletics tournaments. This week we did 100m sprints and baton relays. It was tricky getting the hang of passing the baton but after a few practices we were pros!
    In the upcoming weeks we will be practicing high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus. 
    Yesterday we had the pleasure of the dance fever team coming to teach us the Jive and some hip hop moves. 
    Check out our first go here.... pretty good already! 

    We also practiced some hip hop moves. May told us how it is all about sharp bold moves and attitude. At the end of the lesson we had a mini- dance battle. I think Hannah came off tops! Keen to see who is up next week to take on the hip hop battle. 

    Well done Room 10. What a great start to the term. 

    Thursday, 2 October 2014

    September blogger of the Month ~ HANNAH

    September's blogger of the month goes to Hannah from Room 10.
    Not only did Hannah blog all her tasks, but she always remembers to proofread. Hannah's blogs are often reflective and have a real honesty.
    I also really like how Hannah makes an effort to respond to comments on her blog. A great way to keep the communication going.

    Check out Hannah's blog for yourself, and remember to keep the conversation going by adding a positive, thoughtful comment or question.

    Monday, 29 September 2014

    Tech @ Tamaki

    The year 7 & 8 students of Glenbrae School visit Tamaki college each Friday morning to do Technology.
    Currently the year 8 students are doing food technology and have been learning about safe cooking practices and healthy (and some not so healthy, but hey we're allowed treats once in a while - right?) cooking.
    This week the students learned how to make family friendly dinner recipes and cooked delicious Cottage Pie. Cottage pie, is actually a really healthy type of pie, because there is no pastry.  Instead it's made in a big baking dish, and topped with yummy mashed potato and grated cheese. Underneath the potato and cheese, is a healthy savoury mince and vegetable mix. Served with a salad it make a complete healthy meal.

    Malulu and Anthony were kind enough to share their cottage pie with me for 'quality assurance testing'. I can now assure you - this cottage pie was QUALITY. Very tasty boys. Well done.
    Check back to their personal blogs for the recipe. And stay tuned for more of their culinary delights.

    Mrs Parker

    Tuesday, 23 September 2014

    Salelei, Mangila and Ngatokoono ~ Guided Inquiry ~ Christchurch Earthquake

    This term we were learning about Natural Disasters.
    Salelei, Mangila & Nganga learned about the Christchurch Earthquake and the effects it had. They made a replica of the Cathedral to demonstrate their learning as well.

    Well done Boys. 

    Moli and Alex, Guided Inquiry Project ~ Hurricanes

    Moli and Alex learned about Hurricanes for their Guided Inquiry, they learned that the strongest recorded hurricane was Hurricane Wilma in Florida.
    Well Done Alex and Moli 

    Nunia's Inquiry Project ~ Tornadoes

    Nunia made her inquiry project about volcanoes.
    Well done Nunia.

    Lennyx's Inquiry Project ~ Tornadoes vs. Hurricanes.

    Lennyx learned about Tornadoes and Hurricanes. Often people get these two things confused so he made a venn diagram to explain what is unique to a tornado and hurricane, and what is the same about them.
    Well Done Lennyx 

    Danielle's Inquiry Project ~ How Magma reaches the earth's surface

    Danielle made a flow chart to show the cause of magma rising to the surface.  Well done Danielle. 

    Desire and Erina's Inquiry Presentation ~ Top 10 Volcanoes

    Desire and Erina learned about the top ten Volcanoes in the world. Well done team.
    They also made a replica volcano

    Anamanu's Guided Inquiry Project - How do Volcanoes affect people?

    Anamanu learned about how Volcanoes affect people. She presented this in a flow chart.
    Well Done Anamanu!

    Hannah's Inquiry Project - How do natural disasters occur?

    Hannah learned about Natural Disasters, in her presentation she explained Tornadoes, and Volcanoes.

    Well done Hannah

    Jerome's Inquiry Presentation - Top 10 Natural Disasters

    Jerome learned about the top ten natural disasters of all time.
    Well Done Jerome

    James & Anthony's Inquiry presentation - Why do volcanoes erupt

    James and Alex learned about Volcanoes, they also made a replica volcano.

    Well Done Team. 

    Nikita's Inquiry Presentation ~ How to prepare for a storm

    Nikita shared her inquiry learning about How to Prepare for a Storm.
    She found out what we need to do before, during and after a storm to keep oursleves safe.
    Well Done Nikita.

    Monday, 22 September 2014

    Careers in Health Sciences

    Our Careers focus this term has been amazing.
    We have had visitors from across many different fields of study and possible career paths for us.
    Today we had 6 visitors from the MAPAS (Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme) from Auckland University's, Tamaki Campus to talk to us about the exciting pathways available in health.

    Susana, their co-ordinator, bought along some of the talented students studying health at Auckland University Raewyn, Ainsleigh, Kalina (3rd Yr Medicine) Catherine (Conjoint, health science and nursing)  Atelaite (Bachelor of Health Science)

    Atelaite showed us a game of Pass along charades. We formed three teams, Tigers, Lions and Butterfingers. Mrs Parker was cheering for the butterfingers team, because that was the name of her Netball team when she was at school.
    The first charade was 'rowing a boat' and Tigers won. The second round was won by Butterfingers, and the charade was 'eating an icecream'. The third round tigers won again, 'dancing'. Our fourth round was 'driving a car', Tigers won again! Well done Tigers.

    Next, we split off into smaller groups and talked about the potential careers we could take, nursing,  doctors, optometry, physiotherapy, paediatrics,  pharmacist, healthcare. Raewyn was encouraging us to take the sciences when we get to High School. Atelaite talked to us about what she is studying in Health Sciences, she explained that a Bachelor of Health Sciences looks at more than just the health problems, but the community of health care. For example, if someone has asthma looking at the environment that they live in and how to help from a causation level. Atelaite explained that in her role she helps look after all the populations health, and is like the boss of all the other people in the healthcare organisation.

    Atelaite was explaining that at the moment there are not many Māori and Pasifika people trained in the health sciences. She was explaining that it's important to work hard in school at sciences so that we might go to university and study Health Sciences to better represent our people.

    For more information on MAPAs go here. 

    Ainsleigh and Kalina talked to us about some of the instruments that Doctors and Nurses use. Tuning forks, for testing hearing; Stethoscopes for testing our heartbeat; and Tendon Hammer for testing our reflexes.  We got to try using the tools on ourselves, and learned how to test for a pulse.

    Tendon Hammer for testing reflexes
    Tuning fork vibrations
     The tendon hammer tingled, and made your leg move, it was weird because we had no control over the reflex.  It was really interesting to learn more about our bodies, and the tools that doctors and nurses use. 

    Next we went to Raewyn and Catherine's Stand and we learned about Blood Pressure and Stethoscopes. It was interesting to listen to one another's heartbeat. 

    Tuesday, 16 September 2014

    Can you solve Room 10's fraction problems?

    We have been learning about fractions. Yesterday we used linking cubes to make shapes of different colours. We then asked questions to quiz one another on our fraction knowledge. 
    Have a look at our questions and see if you can solve them all. 

    Friday, 12 September 2014

    Friday Flash - Week 8 in Room Ten

    Earlier this week we wrote our thank you letters to our brilliant guest speakers.... Be sure to check our personal blogs to read all the wonderful things we had to say to our guests. 

    Today in assembly we congratulated so many people for all of their hard efforts in their learning and behaviour in Room 10. Congratulations to Siosifa, Moli, Desire, Jack, James, Nunia and Anthony. 

    Also a big congratulations to our award winning writers who received a highly commended award from Poet Daren Kamali. These poets unlocked their potential with their brilliant works on Matariki that they completed late last term. Well done to Anamanu, Lennyx Moli and Desire! 

    At our assembly today, we also had two guest speakers from Tamaki Redevelopment who were here to tell us all about the new Early Childhood Education [ECE] Centre that is being built out the front of Glenbrae School. 
    They told us all about the safety requirements of being near a building site and to make sure we don't go in past the fence. 

    We also learned that it is going to take all the way until christmas for it to be completed! This means that over the next few months there is going to be lots of trucks delivering materials. 
    Be sure to walk past every week or two to see the building as it develops. 

    Coming up in room 10 we are carrying on with our inquiry projects on natural disasters. On Tuesday the 23rd of September we will be having a roadshow in our school hall. All of the classes will present their learning and families are invited to come and share with our success. We hope to see you there. 

    Happy Weekend.

    Mrs Parker. 

    Tuesday, 9 September 2014

    Happenings in Room 10

    It's been a busy week here in Room 10 and it's only Tuesday so far.

    We've had plenty of visitors to speak to us about some of the important decisions we will face in the future. Mr Dunn from Tamaki College came to talk to us about deciding what College to go to next year, and he told us about a great opportunity.
    There is a scholarship to Tamaki College worth $1000! School leaders, sports leaders and top achievers are invited to apply. The prize includes all fees for Year 9, a brand new uniform, and a new 2015 model Netbook for our learning.
    We've also had opportunities to hear from and ask people questions about different career options. 
    To say thank you to all these visitors for giving us their time we have been writing thank you letters. Some of our letters are very heartfelt, and show that we learned a lot from these visits. 

    We had another visit from Max the Pukeko and the SchoolBus from Travel Wise today too. 
    We were able to help support safe travel around the school! 

    Our Tae Kwon Do Lessons have been going fantastically. Today we practiced high jump kicks. There is quite a lot of technique to this, so please don't try it at home. Moli got our highest kick, and Hannah wasn't far behind with the highest girl's kick. Both at least two metres high! Well Done!