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Friday, 12 September 2014

Friday Flash - Week 8 in Room Ten

Earlier this week we wrote our thank you letters to our brilliant guest speakers.... Be sure to check our personal blogs to read all the wonderful things we had to say to our guests. 

Today in assembly we congratulated so many people for all of their hard efforts in their learning and behaviour in Room 10. Congratulations to Siosifa, Moli, Desire, Jack, James, Nunia and Anthony. 

Also a big congratulations to our award winning writers who received a highly commended award from Poet Daren Kamali. These poets unlocked their potential with their brilliant works on Matariki that they completed late last term. Well done to Anamanu, Lennyx Moli and Desire! 

At our assembly today, we also had two guest speakers from Tamaki Redevelopment who were here to tell us all about the new Early Childhood Education [ECE] Centre that is being built out the front of Glenbrae School. 
They told us all about the safety requirements of being near a building site and to make sure we don't go in past the fence. 

We also learned that it is going to take all the way until christmas for it to be completed! This means that over the next few months there is going to be lots of trucks delivering materials. 
Be sure to walk past every week or two to see the building as it develops. 

Coming up in room 10 we are carrying on with our inquiry projects on natural disasters. On Tuesday the 23rd of September we will be having a roadshow in our school hall. All of the classes will present their learning and families are invited to come and share with our success. We hope to see you there. 

Happy Weekend.

Mrs Parker. 

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