Room 10 Bright Sparks

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Shake it up!!

Monday's Museum visit was an exciting day, we got to explore the World War I and II exhibit's the Land and Sea, Weird and Wonderful, Wild Child, Dinosaurs and most importantly the Volcanoes and Geology exhibit. The Volcano exhibit and the volcano room were really valuable to us because our inquiry topic this term is Shake it Up!! Where we are learning all about natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes. 

We learned a lot about lava flows and different volcanic rock types, then practiced sorting them. 


In the Volcano house we watched a simulation video which explained a series of earthquakes and a new volcanoe that had erupted. The room then shook following an explosion and there was another video about the potential effects if there was to be a natural disaster right here in auckland. Our next steps are to learn how to be prepared if there is an earthquake or volcano. Stay tuned for more learning in this area!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Term 3 Week One Friday Flash

What a great first week in Room 10. 

We have started our latest inquiry topic 'Shake it Up!' We are learning about Natural disasters such as Earthquakes, Tsunami's, Volcanoes and Floods. We will be learning about how these events occur and also what to do if they occur. 

Te Wiki o te reo Māori 
It is Māori language week this week! The kupu o te wiki, word of the week is apōpō, tomorrow. 
Ka kite apōpō, see you tomorrow. 

Next week's word is heihei, chicken. 
Kei te kai heihei tātou?
Are we having chicken?

As part of Māori langauge week we also practiced, karakia (prayer), waiata (song), and haka. We also learned how to make Poi. 

Next week we will be practicing procedural writing, "How to make Poi" 

Monday this week we had our final round of clubs. Mrs Parker's Japanese club celebrated with a traditional meal of sushi (where we got to practice using our chopstick/hashi/)
This coming Monday, the whole senior school is off to the museum to learn more about volcanoes. Luckily we will have some extra time to explore the many other exciting things they have there. 

We start our next round of clubs in week three, stay tuned for more exciting options and opportunities. 

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Holiday Quizzes

Want something to keep your brain challenged over the holiday break? 
Try some online quizzes. 
Be sure to post your results and a link to the quiz so others can compete too. 

I just completed the Cartoon Quiz with a score of 80% - can you beat it?

You could always try some Braintraining too!

Quick fire maths problems. 
Remember that this symbol " / " means divided by. I just scored a personal best!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Blogger of the Month

Every month we showcase a different blogger from Room 10 as BLOGGER OF THE MONTH! This person has been either insightful, investigative, eager, in-depth, imaginative, hard-working or all of the above.... June's monthly blogger was measured differently this time. Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj think that it's important our blogs are read and have a real authentic audience, therefore we decided the person with the most page views would win. 
Congratulations JEROME! 

Jerome is also participating in the school holiday's Blogging Superstar challenge! Keep him motivated (and the other Room 10 Bloggers) by commenting on their blogs.
Remember a quality comment is positive, helpful and thoughtful.  Happy Holidays Everyone.

You can find our other Room 10 blogs here

Friday, 4 July 2014

Blogging Superstar Challenge

Glenbrae Senior School invites all of their children to take part in a blogging superstar challenge over the July school holidays.

  Keep busy over the writing over winter wet weeks in the July school holidays.

Topics you might blog about

  • Log a summary of books or newspaper article you read
    • Add your thoughts and opinions about it.
  • A recount of a family activity
  • An update on a sports game you have watched or played
  • Blog a recipe you have cooked!
  • Brag about your levels achieved on video games
  • Post your score on online quizzes
    • Include a link to the quiz so others can compete.
  • Research another country - share your learning.
  • Keep track of extreme weather happening around the country

Make it interesting

  • Check your spelling
  • Add photo’s and screenshots
  • Use diagrams and pictures.
  • Ask the reader a question or give a challenge to complete.

Keep yourself busy and become a brilliant blogger this school holidays.
Remember there are computers available at Glen Innes and Panmure Libraries.
They also have FREE WIFI available if you bring your own device.

Remember to read other people's blogs too, we appreciate quality comments!
Plus, it may give you some ideas for your own blogging!