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Friday, 4 July 2014

Blogging Superstar Challenge

Glenbrae Senior School invites all of their children to take part in a blogging superstar challenge over the July school holidays.

  Keep busy over the writing over winter wet weeks in the July school holidays.

Topics you might blog about

  • Log a summary of books or newspaper article you read
    • Add your thoughts and opinions about it.
  • A recount of a family activity
  • An update on a sports game you have watched or played
  • Blog a recipe you have cooked!
  • Brag about your levels achieved on video games
  • Post your score on online quizzes
    • Include a link to the quiz so others can compete.
  • Research another country - share your learning.
  • Keep track of extreme weather happening around the country

Make it interesting

  • Check your spelling
  • Add photo’s and screenshots
  • Use diagrams and pictures.
  • Ask the reader a question or give a challenge to complete.

Keep yourself busy and become a brilliant blogger this school holidays.
Remember there are computers available at Glen Innes and Panmure Libraries.
They also have FREE WIFI available if you bring your own device.

Remember to read other people's blogs too, we appreciate quality comments!
Plus, it may give you some ideas for your own blogging!

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