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Monday, 30 June 2014

This week @ Glenbrae

Another term has flown by already and here we are in Week 9 of Term 2.

Rain and wind has come to school with us today, but that didn't stop the senior school from making the most of the break in the weather and getting out to play in the mist this morning.
It was really good to get outside and enjoy the break in the rain while we still can. It's really important for our physical and mental health to take advantage of the good weather when we get the chance. We still have two months of winter to go and the fresh air, and run around is good for our health. Well done senior students for making the most of it. 

Last week we did a lot of work in preparation for Matariki, then held the Matariki Ball on Friday evening. It was a great success with plenty of food being sold for the fundraising of a new school van. 

Room 9 & 10 students put on a presentation at the beginning of the ball to talk about the purpose of Matariki and why it is special to us. 
Then we all got on with the fun and dancing. Our very own Edwina won Senior Queen in the Senior dancing competition. 
After the busy week, our teachers kept learning. Over the weekend Mrs Parker went to the Leo Pasifika Fono at Crowne Plaza with Mrs Parker-Tofa and learned about developing leadership. 

Week 9 started off with a bang today. At our morning assembly we had a special visit from Trevor at Travelwise, who came to talk to us about how we get to school safely. Whether, walking, biking, or travelling by car there are things we must do to keep safe. It's important that our younger brothers, sisters, and cousins are sitting safely in a booster seat if they under 148cm in height! Trevor bought Max the Pukeko, who believes in road safety, with him.

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