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Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Flash Week 6

An amazing week at Glenbrae. 
Badminton; Clubs; Multiplication in Maths; Complex Interrupters, ZigZag Sentences and AAAWWUBBIS in Explanations of Valuing New Zealand's Fisheries; Inquiry - Big Questions; Hatchet... 1 chapter to go! 

We started with Badminton Lessons today, we learned two grips and all picked up the technique really well and are looking forward to a tournament in Week 9. 

We experienced a variety of clubs this week. Four of Room 10 learners along with others from the school joined Mrs Parker in Japanese Club. This week we learned how to ask someone's name and are learning to write our own names in Japanese Characters Katakana. It's very tricky writing in Katakana, almost like calligraphy, where each brushstroke needs to be done in a particular order and direction. 
I write Mrs Parker like this:  パーカー    せんせい 
(Literal translation Paa kaa sensei - Pronounced Parker sen-say) Sensei means teacher.

In mathematics we have been practicing our multiplication skills. Next week we will be practicing this problem...
Add your thoughts about the problem in the comments below. 

In our writing we have discovered complex interruptors, a way of adding descriptive detail between commas, then practicing identifying and using them in sentences. We even spotted a complex interruptor in Hatchet when Mrs Parker was reading! We have one chapter of the novel left... I wonder how it will end? 

We also learned about AAAWWUBBIS: After, Although, As, While, When, Until, Before, Because, If, Since. Words to start sentences with followed by a comma. 

Sayonara (Goodbye in Japanese), 
Happy Weekend everybody!

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