Room 10 Bright Sparks

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sharing our narratives with a wider audience

This term Room 10 has been writing Narratives.

We wrote our narratives for the Junior School students and published them into big books for them to read.

Today we presented our published books to Mrs Elia to enjoy and during the rest of the term we will visit the Junior classrooms to read our stories to them.

We are proud to say that we are now published authors!

Ka mau te wehi!

If you would like to read one of these books now, you are in luck. Not only did we publish them as big books, but we then transformed them into flipsnack online books!

Here is Where is Daniel? by Gemima and Hannah

Monday, 11 August 2014

Puzzles for learning

Currently in Maths we are focusing on Geometry, today we experimented with shapes by using a simple tangram model.
We worked in groups of three to rotate the shapes so they worked together to form other shapes. 

At first we all thought it was 'too hard', but pretty soon we started to get the hang of it and were trying more and more shapes.

If you want to have a go for yourself try these Tangram Puzzles online.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Flash

This week in Room 10's weekly round-up.
What an exciting week in preparation for the beginning of the construction of our new Early Childhood Centre here at Glenbrae.
We have been learning the haka to perform at the pƍwhiri of the sod turning next Thursday morning.
Beginning at 8am, we will have a special sausage sizzle breakfast and opening ceremony. It has been heard through the grapevine that Ministers and Politicians may even be there for the event!
We are going to be learning about the upcoming election and political cycle so this may be a great learning opportunity for us.
We hope you can make it for the opening!

We started our new round of House Sports today, Mrs Parker took Netball, with the game result being a draw. The teams were also even for sportsmanship and fairplay. The deciding factor was that Kauri players had more people in their house coloured T-Shirts, so won by 1 point. Remember to bring your house coloured t-shirts next week to earn your house more points!

Certificates this week went to Edwina, Gemima, Eseki, Baden, Nikita and Atelaite. Well done learners!