Room 10 Bright Sparks

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Water Fun Day!

Fun Water Day at Glenbrae!

URGENT! URGENT! Glenbrae School is celebrating the HOT SUMMER. They are planning to divide all the students from 5 -12 yrs old into 4 groups and compete each other to fill in bins with water. Everything done, it was time for the very challenging challenges to take place. All the teams marched and sang all the way to the meeting area, the court. All the kids went to their places to participate in their activities. First we began to do the bucket & sponge activity going under and under until the sponge reached the final person who zoomed to the bins to squeeze the water out of the sponge. After running to and from filling the bins I was already tiring. When the loud siren went it was time to walk to our other activity. Mrs George prepared us for crossing the river. We had to cross the plank and fill our milk bottles and sprint with them to the bin. I think people had to do it about 4 times to do the routine over and over again and fill our house coloured bins. After crossing the river it gave me a stitch in my stomach. Afterwards we had to fill our cups and race to the bin and sprint back to the back of the line. While I was running my stitch just got worse and worse, I was beginning to give up. But I eventually sucked it up and finished the activity and moved on to the next one. So we walked slowly and slowly to the next event and that was with a sponge going over and under. It was similar to the activity we did first. Afterwards we moved on to the next event which was a zig zag through the cones and empty your cup into the bin. People couldn’t wait to go to the next event because it was the FUN WATER DAY. Once the loud siren went on everybody rushed to the FUN WATER SLIDE and stood in line and slid down the soapy slide with water in our cups. This was hilarious and all of us students had a lot of fun. It was truly a great day! By Anamanu

A Nice, Hot Day for Water Fun Day!!

Celebrate Summer Yay!! It was water fun day. First we got changed into our house colours T-Shirts. I was dressed in Blue. My group had to sit next to the hall and learn our house group song that was pretty funny. So when we learnt it, we went marching around the court while singing our house group song. Then, every group sat down and after listening to instructions we went off to our first event. Our first event was bucket and sponge. We had to soak the sponge in the water and do under and over and the last person at the end had to run and squeeze the sponge in our house group bin.That was really cool and funny, it was my favourite event. The next event was crossing the river. We had to run across the bench and put the bottle in the bucket and wait till it was full. Then we had to run as fast as we could and pour it in the bin, then we had to run back while everyone was cheering loudly. This event too was so much fun. My other favourite event was zig zag. We ran with a cup of water down the hill without tipping it, that was pretty hard. Then we had to run back up and give it to the next person to continue. When I was running down water was going everywhere on me so that was so awesome. I had a really fantastic time I can’t wait till we have another event like this organised. It was cool because there were heaps of events and every event had water and it was a really nice and hot day for a Water Fun Day. By Joan

Katalina's Bio Poem

Katalina Kind, loving, sporty Who feels scared when she watches a fight, or sees someone get hurt or when somebody dies Lover of Music, delicious ice -cream, watching movies and writing songs. Who fears spiders, rats and heights Who is able to look after family and friends Who is generous, kind, helpful to people who are hurt Who wonders when the world will come to an end Who would like to be a sporty person or baker or a movie star Who dreams of being a millionaire, have a fancy car and house.

Malulu's Water Fun Day Recount

Yahoo!! on Monday we celebrated summer by having a water fun day. We were assembled into house groups. Mrs Raj dropped us off to our house areas. The teams that we were in were Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. All the teams walked around the court and practised their chants. After that we were getting pumped because we were going to start the Water Fun activities. First we started at the Bucket and Sponge activity where we had to get a sponge, dip it into the bucket of water and pass it over our heads and then it goes on until it gets to the end of the line of students and then the last person has to run to their house buckets and squeeze out the water from the sponge. Next we went to the ‘Crossing the River activity where Mrs George explained to us the instructions of how to play the game. We had to go across the bench and then fill up the carton with water and then run to the house bucket and empty it. After this we went to the ‘Tag’ activity where we had to run, fill up our cup and run to the house buckets and empty it. It was really simple and quite easy for us seniors. After that we went to the water slide where we got a carton of water and went down the water slide. After we participated in all the activities, Mrs Moopanar announced the winning teams. In 4th place was the Red House, in 3rd place was the Yellow House, In 2nd place was the Blue House, In 1st place was the Green House. All Glenbrae students had lots of fun. I had a terrific time and I was exhausted beyond words. By Malulu

Water Fun Day

On Monday the 18th of February, at Glenbrae school we celebrated summer by having a ‘Water Fun Day’. We were assembled into house groups. Mrs Raj dropped us into our house areas. The house colours were red, green, yellow and blue. Every team had to walk around the court and practise their chants. Next we had to listen very carefully to Mrs Ripata to tell us what activity we are going to first. The first activity that we participated in was passing our sponge filled with water under our legs in the team. At this activity were Ms Rudduck and Miss Atuahiva. It was so much fun because Vili squirted us with the hose and it felt good. Our team was funny and smart because we were trying to cheat so the red team could win. After the first activity, we went to Mrs George. The activity was ‘Crossing the River’. It was very slippery because we went on the bench. We had to fill the carton with water and then run to our own house coloured bin to pour the water in. After that we went to Mr Nath and Mrs Grenham. In pairs we had to tie a band around our feet. The pair got a cup of water and ran to the house colour bin to drop the water. It was funny because some cups were cracked and did not hold much water. Then, we went to the area that Mrs Raj and Mrs Maruariki were. Their activity was ‘Over and Under. The red team was trying to beat the green team. The activity we came to was the second to last. It was ‘Zig Zag’. That activity was with Mrs Pome’e and Mrs Moopanar. We had to zig zag around the cones with our cups of water and we had to run to the house colour bin to empty them. Finally the water slide was our last activity. At the water slide were Mrs Pauvale, Miss D and Mrs Holderness. Miss D told us to sit in blue, green, yellow and red house teams. We all had a cup each with water in it. I slid down the waterslide and a lot of water from my cup fell out. I had an excellent day and everyone was clapping and cheering. It was awesome because it was so sunny and bright and not raining. My favourite activities were crossing the river and the water slide. By Edwina

A Refreshing Swim!

The students in Room 10 were going for a swim in the nice, cool, school pool. We walked excitedly to the pool. Once we got in the pool, we were shivering,so we dipped ourselves in the water so that we could get used to it. Then Mrs D taught us to breathe right under water and also taught us the backstroke. After that, time was ticking and we only had 5 more minutes, so Mrs d and Mrs Raj decided that we could have 5 minutes free time but there were a couple of rules, no bombing the pool, no shouting and no Jumping off the walls. We had fun during these five minutes and we were sensible. Finally, when our time was over we got told to get out of the pool because the next class was ready for their swimming lesson, so we got changed, lined up and walked back to class nicely. At the end of the swimming session I felt exhausted but clean and fresh. By Oshyne

Monday, 18 February 2013

Fun with Bikes

Yippee!! Yesterday some of the students from Room 10 Joan, Jerome, Hannah, Alex, Gemima, Kato, Edwina and I were chosen to put together some really fantastic new bikes for wheels day. We followed Miss M to Room 6 and we each picked up a box, carried it to the hall and started stripping the box open.While we started putting it together we were confused about which part connected to which. So we got a little help from Ms Cooper. Alex and I had the most difficult bikes to put together out of the nine bikes we had to assemble. Miss M and Miss Cooper helped assemble Alex’s and my bikes. When we all finished it was time to go home.We had lots of fun building and putting together the bikes. It was a fun experience. The bikes we assembled were used by our junior school students on wheels day which was a fun day to start our topic ‘Transport’. By Malulu

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Students in Room 10 Learning to Swim

Lisiate's Bio Poem

Kind, generous and funny
Lover of ice-cream, video games and music
Who feels happy when he sees his friends
Who wonders if there’s another world after we die
Who fears spiders, ghosts and haunted buildings
Who would like to have a really good education with scholarship
Who is able to achieve all his goals this year
Who dreams that he would take his family around the world
Kind, funny and generous is he!

Chanel's Bio Poem

Intelligent, smart, kind
Lover of cookies and cream Ice-cream, swimming and math
Who wonders if the world is going to end
Who fears lizards, rats and sting rays
Who feels happy when it’s Christmas,sad when someone dies and 

angry when the siblings touch her stuff.
Who is able to change her behaviour when she’s naughty.
Who would like to see the movie Mt Zion, people being kind to each other and children working hard.
Who dreams of getting a good education at school.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hannah's Bio Poem

Loving, friendly, and fun
Lover of singing, sports and family
Who wonders how it’s going to be like when at college
Who fears darkness, giant spiders, and losing a member in the family
Who feels like a swimming dolphin when in the water
Who is able to solve problems, show the real me, and to treat my family right
Who would like to see my oldest brother in Samoa
Who dreams about travelling the world, and being on my way to University.

Tall, sporty, athletic, and pretty
Related to a famous Samoan singer named Joe Failua
Who feels brand new when the sun is shining on me
Who fears bullies, scary movies, and getting burnt in a fire
Who needs help when I need it
Who gives love to people if they aren’t feeling well
Who would like to see London and Spain one day
Who dreams about what it’s going to be like in the future.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Mrs. Raj's Bio Poem

Mrs. Raj
Loving, kind, hardworking
Lover of semi classical music,  entertaining Bollywood movies, and delicious ice-cream
Who wonders what’s beyond this world
Who fears lizards, dentists, and barking dogs
Who feels delighted when getting wet in the cool rain
Who is able to enjoy soothing music before bedtime
Who would like to travel all over the world and enjoy seeing places
Who dreams that one day she will live in a peace loving world with no prejudice.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Bio Poem by Malulu

Kind, friendly and loving
Lover of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA),sports and wrestling
Who wonders how its going to be at college
Who fears spiders, bees and stingrays
Who feels like a superstar when he is playing rugby
Who is able to stand up for himself and his family
Who would like to visit his uncle and aunty In Australia
Who dreams about seeing ‘The World Wrestling Entertainment Universe’

June's Bio Poem

Kind, caring and friendly
Lover of sports, chocolate and school
Who wonders what it is like in the Antarctic
Who fears spiders, snakes and dogs
Who feels happy, active and sad sometimes
Who is able to be happy and enjoy life
Who would like to meet 1Direction in person
Who dreams of seeing the Statue of Liberty

Joan's Bio Poem

Tall, funny and cool
Who feels happy to help people
Who fears snakes, sharks, and big dogs
Who needs money everyday
to give to homeless people
Who wonders what life is like in other countries
Who would like to see dancing broccoli.

Tame'e's Bio Poem

Cheerful, thoughtful, fun
Lover of music, singing and Jessie J
Who feels happy eating lollies and seeing friends
Who wonders if there is another world
Who fears insects,dogs and spiders
Who would like to meet Jessie J, sing with Beyonce
Who is able to show my talent, get a good education, find me a better life
Who dreams that my parents would be still alive for my 21st.

Siupeli's Bio Poem

angry, funny, annoying
lover of  family, school and sport
who feels awesome hanging around with friends
who wonders how long the world’s gonna last
who fears snakes, mice and spiders
who would like to travel around the world
who someday wants to meet the All Blacks
who dreams to win lotto and fly all over the world.

My Bio poem wordle

Christian's Bio Poem

Tall, Sporty and Handsome
Related to Douglas
Who feels happy when he is playing rugby
Who fears Big Black Hairy Spiders
Who needs help with his Writing and Reading
Who gives support to his friends when they need it
Who would like to see London.

My Bio Poem

Handsome, Tall and Smart
Lover of Maths, Sport and Food
Who wonders why people kill each other
Who fear chickens, dogs and people who talk too much.
Who feels calm when listening to music, happy when  jogging  and angry when 

brother is annoying.
Who is able to stay focussed when he is doing his work
Who would like to play for the All Blacks, Bungy jump and go to the moon,
Who dreams that racism and poverty would be eradicated.

Monday, 4 February 2013

First Day at School

"We are the keen bright sparks from Room 10 at school on the first day of 2013! It is fantastic to be at school."

Friday, 1 February 2013

Start to 2013

What a fabulous start to this year! It was wonderful learning alongside other teachers. I am excited and keen to work with my students in Room 10.