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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Malulu's Water Fun Day Recount

Yahoo!! on Monday we celebrated summer by having a water fun day. We were assembled into house groups. Mrs Raj dropped us off to our house areas. The teams that we were in were Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. All the teams walked around the court and practised their chants. After that we were getting pumped because we were going to start the Water Fun activities. First we started at the Bucket and Sponge activity where we had to get a sponge, dip it into the bucket of water and pass it over our heads and then it goes on until it gets to the end of the line of students and then the last person has to run to their house buckets and squeeze out the water from the sponge. Next we went to the ‘Crossing the River activity where Mrs George explained to us the instructions of how to play the game. We had to go across the bench and then fill up the carton with water and then run to the house bucket and empty it. After this we went to the ‘Tag’ activity where we had to run, fill up our cup and run to the house buckets and empty it. It was really simple and quite easy for us seniors. After that we went to the water slide where we got a carton of water and went down the water slide. After we participated in all the activities, Mrs Moopanar announced the winning teams. In 4th place was the Red House, in 3rd place was the Yellow House, In 2nd place was the Blue House, In 1st place was the Green House. All Glenbrae students had lots of fun. I had a terrific time and I was exhausted beyond words. By Malulu

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