Room 10 Bright Sparks

Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Refreshing Swim!

The students in Room 10 were going for a swim in the nice, cool, school pool. We walked excitedly to the pool. Once we got in the pool, we were shivering,so we dipped ourselves in the water so that we could get used to it. Then Mrs D taught us to breathe right under water and also taught us the backstroke. After that, time was ticking and we only had 5 more minutes, so Mrs d and Mrs Raj decided that we could have 5 minutes free time but there were a couple of rules, no bombing the pool, no shouting and no Jumping off the walls. We had fun during these five minutes and we were sensible. Finally, when our time was over we got told to get out of the pool because the next class was ready for their swimming lesson, so we got changed, lined up and walked back to class nicely. At the end of the swimming session I felt exhausted but clean and fresh. By Oshyne

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  1. Hey Oshyne
    You have a really fantastic recount. You have must of learn't a lot of new swimming skills and it seems that you had an awesome time swimming. Keep it up!