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Monday, 30 June 2014

This week @ Glenbrae

Another term has flown by already and here we are in Week 9 of Term 2.

Rain and wind has come to school with us today, but that didn't stop the senior school from making the most of the break in the weather and getting out to play in the mist this morning.
It was really good to get outside and enjoy the break in the rain while we still can. It's really important for our physical and mental health to take advantage of the good weather when we get the chance. We still have two months of winter to go and the fresh air, and run around is good for our health. Well done senior students for making the most of it. 

Last week we did a lot of work in preparation for Matariki, then held the Matariki Ball on Friday evening. It was a great success with plenty of food being sold for the fundraising of a new school van. 

Room 9 & 10 students put on a presentation at the beginning of the ball to talk about the purpose of Matariki and why it is special to us. 
Then we all got on with the fun and dancing. Our very own Edwina won Senior Queen in the Senior dancing competition. 
After the busy week, our teachers kept learning. Over the weekend Mrs Parker went to the Leo Pasifika Fono at Crowne Plaza with Mrs Parker-Tofa and learned about developing leadership. 

Week 9 started off with a bang today. At our morning assembly we had a special visit from Trevor at Travelwise, who came to talk to us about how we get to school safely. Whether, walking, biking, or travelling by car there are things we must do to keep safe. It's important that our younger brothers, sisters, and cousins are sitting safely in a booster seat if they under 148cm in height! Trevor bought Max the Pukeko, who believes in road safety, with him.

Matariki Poem ~ by Siosifa

Matariki is the year of celebration
Of joy,
Of harvest,
Of cooking and preserving food
It is about the 7 stars shining brightly
In the northern east sky
About 7 beautiful sisters
And 7 handsome boys
A legend affected by the 7 sisters
now the 7 sevens stars of matariki
Which is celebrated through  
Singing,dancing to lively music
Weaving and also telling stories
About our ancestors  
Also when the whanau get together
And also about having fun together

Matariki Poem ~ by Erina

7 Stars,
Dark clouds flowing by
the new moon beaming brightly,
Family and friends surrounding me

Smoke from fires lit,
smoked hangi,
moist  and damp

pride in my culture,
peace  and Love
respectful of matariki tradition

Salty and sweet,
creamy smoked air,
steam and tuna,
tasty dinner,
drink so juicy.

Beautiful singing,
wild wind,
7 sisters,
storms passing by,
tapping magic shoes.

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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Matariki Poem ~ Jerome

The Seven Sisters Story
Once a year
Most men live in fear
when the seven stars align
for the millionth year
open ears for there sounds again
hoping not to fall under their spell this year.
oh my I dont mean to intrude
but I think that the sisters are being quite rude
because all they do is deceive us dudes
and parish us away till we become there fools.

But there are many things good about this day
for example all the kids laugh and play
because this one day was the day that they were banished away

while everyone rejoiced again.

Matariki Poem ~ By Moli

Matariki the 7 sisters,
brightly shining stars
A legendary celebration
being one big family
dancing, singing,a massive kai
Matariki feeling high spirited,
grateful, affected
by the 7 stars
whanau prepare the hakari,
hangi, kai moana,
toe tapping, dancing
lively music
fun, laughter, great joy

Matariki Poem ~ By Nunia

Matariki Stars...

The 7 Matariki Stars,
Legend of the sky,
Starts with laughter,
Ends with drama,

Princess of the future,
Stars in reality,
In chilled air,
Guided down my spine,
I inhale with cold,
I exhale with warmth.

I can't bear the tear,
From my eyes,
To realize,
Those 7 Matariki Sisters,
In the night sky.

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Atelaite's Water cycle movie

Atelaite made this video to shaw the water cycle process.
She used an online tool to compile the words, images, and music.
What do you think?

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Matariki Poets

This week we all celebrated the great success of writing our own Matariki poems. It was great to have Darren Kamali visit to inspire our writing and help us with the process.

The winning poets for Room 10 were to Lennyx, Moli, Desire and Anamanu! Well done.
These poems will be featured on the Matariki website!
Be sure to click their names and read the poems for yourself.
Featured down the side of the page are our other Room 10 bloggers.... read their their poetry too!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Matariki Poetry Workshop

This week Glenbrae School has had the honour of hosting Fijian born Poet Darren Kamali. 

He presented some of his work to us, lyrical and inspiring, before running teaching us some of the tricks of the trade and helped Room 10 develop a combined Matariki Poem. 


Looks like kite flying, telescope, legends, seven sisters and the future
Smells like the moisture in the air, camp fires, tender, juicy and smoked meat, plantation and animals running wild. 
Feels high spirited, affected by the seven stars, love, cool-crisp, grateful, winter nights and frosty morns
Tastes are gourd, kaimoana, kumara, salty, and tuna.
Sounds like a legend, celebration, tapping shoes, seven handsome boys finding a wifey and magic music. 

After co-creating a joint poem successfully we embarked on our own poetic journeys. Darren roamed the room helping us along as required, then encouraged us to edit and present our work....

It was really motivating with our 'LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION' actions. 

Darren returns tomorrow so that we can finish and publish our poems. Some will be selected to appear on the national Matariki website, and others will be displayed in our school hall for the Matariki Ball this Friday! 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Flash Week 6

An amazing week at Glenbrae. 
Badminton; Clubs; Multiplication in Maths; Complex Interrupters, ZigZag Sentences and AAAWWUBBIS in Explanations of Valuing New Zealand's Fisheries; Inquiry - Big Questions; Hatchet... 1 chapter to go! 

We started with Badminton Lessons today, we learned two grips and all picked up the technique really well and are looking forward to a tournament in Week 9. 

We experienced a variety of clubs this week. Four of Room 10 learners along with others from the school joined Mrs Parker in Japanese Club. This week we learned how to ask someone's name and are learning to write our own names in Japanese Characters Katakana. It's very tricky writing in Katakana, almost like calligraphy, where each brushstroke needs to be done in a particular order and direction. 
I write Mrs Parker like this:  パーカー    せんせい 
(Literal translation Paa kaa sensei - Pronounced Parker sen-say) Sensei means teacher.

In mathematics we have been practicing our multiplication skills. Next week we will be practicing this problem...
Add your thoughts about the problem in the comments below. 

In our writing we have discovered complex interruptors, a way of adding descriptive detail between commas, then practicing identifying and using them in sentences. We even spotted a complex interruptor in Hatchet when Mrs Parker was reading! We have one chapter of the novel left... I wonder how it will end? 

We also learned about AAAWWUBBIS: After, Although, As, While, When, Until, Before, Because, If, Since. Words to start sentences with followed by a comma. 

Sayonara (Goodbye in Japanese), 
Happy Weekend everybody!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Blogger(s) of the Month.

May's monthly blogger was a very hard decision for Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj. So much so, that we decided two people could share the crown.

Hannah & Ilalio shared their learning consistently throughout the month, including additions from their own learning and exploration.

Be sure to watch 
Ilalio's video from last terms survival inquiry topic, it shows great acting, and editing of the action timed to music.

's recount from our Rocky Shore trip and reflections of her learning are insightful and honest. Remember a reflective learner is a responsible learner, on the path to success.

You can find our other Room 10 blogs here

Congratulations Hannah & Ilalio!
Keep Blogging everyone!

Mrs Parker & Mrs Raj.