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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Most Tiring Event Ever

Last week, some of the students from Glenbrae School went to the Waitaki Reserve  for Orienteering. When it was my group’s turn, we ran as quick as flashes. We had to split up because we all had different control points to go to and all our maps were different. Some of us had the one or two numbers that was the same so we just followed each other until we had no numbers that were the same, then we went off on our own. It was very muddy and made it difficult for us to walk or run. 

When I first started it was a little bit cold then when we were running around it was getting really hot. That was the most tiring thing I’ve ever done, but it was still so much fun and I did it for Glenbrae school. We had some good placings among the top students.

By Brinix

Tread Lightly

During the ‘Tread Lightly’ session we learnt about saving power and finding ways to use less electricity. We moved to every rotation for activities that had to do something with looking after the earth and its inhabitants, reducing waste, transport and being travelwise.

We looked at how many kilometres  we walk from home to school and my result was 0.5 kms This shows that I don’t have to walk that far, I don’t need to use the car and leave a bad carbon footprint. Before that activity, we answered some questions that had to do with protecting the earth. Afterwards we moved on to the eco bike that was wired to lamps and other electronic goods. Then we moved on to learning about e-waste and how to dispose it safely.

I learnt a lot from this session. All of us in Room 10 made pledges to look after the Earth and protect it from pollution and global warming.

By Anamanu

Fun, Exciting and Adrenalin Pumping Netball Session

Wow! what an ecstatic Netball session with Gina. We were all taught skills like chest passing, shooting, faking/side stepping, catching, swift movements and shooter driving to and fro. Everyone was sporty, hyperactive and scared at the same time. While we were running to the cone and then stepped like galloping horses, everyone was very excited. I ran to the outside of the circle received the ball, turned, passed, and score!. I could tell everyone was jealous because they couldn’t get not even one goal. But I did!

Our next game was also a running, passing and scoring game. We received a number and used it. We would run in a group of two, three or four players from each team. The teams were Outlaws vs Bulldogs. We needed to run to the centre of the court, grab a ball, pass it to the next person in the group, try to score a goal, and then run back to the centre, put the ball back in the hoop and then you win. It was the best netball session ever!. It was fun, exciting, and adrenalin pumping. I can’t wait till next week!

By Gemima

An Exciting Netball Session

We went  for  netball practice with Gina. On the courts we were  learning how to attack and block. First we got into pairs and the players in the pairs were called attackers and defenders. We practiced the chest pass and how to attack and defend with the netball. We played a game which was exciting because everybody was excited.

I had fun at netball practice. It was cool. I feel like I want to play the game again and again.

By Edward

Look After Our Planet Earth

In the Tread Lightly Caravan we learnt how we can take care of our planet Earth. We learnt how to save power, water and other renewable resources. I learnt an awesome new fact that power is made mainly from water, wind turbines and solar energy. Electricity passes through copper wires and reaches our homes. So we need water and cannot waste it.

When you brush your teeth turn the tap off or you could lose many litres of water. We need water to make electricity and also to drink and be hydrated.
You should always have short showers upto 2-4 minutes.When you get out of the shower make sure you turn the shower tap off so you don’t waste water.

Eco light bulbs are the best lights to use because they don’t use that much power so you can save money.

During the session we used an Eco bike to make power for tools and  to make light bulbs turn on.We could also use solar panels for power instead of using electricity.

Another important part of our session was on how to get rid of e-waste. We learnt that Hard Drives have motherboards in them to make computers work using power.

On the whole it was a valuable session in the Tread Lightly Caravan.

By Austin

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Big Foot's Bike Safety Skills

On Thursday last week, Room 10 had a  lesson with J.S about bike skills - Theory.  J.S. told us that if we wanted to ride a bike we had to make sure we would be visible on the road.  He stressed that when we’re riding a bike we have to wear covered shoes and to make sure that our laces are tucked into our shoes. He also said that when we wear big baggy pants we might want to tuck them into our socks or we might get our pants stuck in the chain. He asked us to make sure we don’t wear tight pants because we have to be  able to move our legs. J.S was wearing a grey top but he was wearing a reflective vest, so that made it safer for him to cycle on the road. But when we're riding a  bike to school we need to wear our backpack which is covered with a reflector so we are more visible on the road .

The next thing we learnt was how to do a bike check. The first thing we had to do was check both of our brakes. Next we had to check the wheels , the spokes, the tread and to make sure that the wheel is pumped up. The next step we have to do is to check the bolts to make sure they are tight. The last thing we had to check were the reflectors.

The most important step to be safe when we're riding our bike is to always wear  a  helmet. J.S showed us the right way to put on our helmet. The first thing we had to do was loosen the helmet as much as we could and then put it on our heads. We put two fingers above the eye Then we had to tighten it so it’s not loose. Then our straps on the side should look like a Y to make sure it’s tight enough. We had to try to pull the straps over our chin.

Finally we were able to ride a bike. Yay! First we had to get the bike adjusted just for us. We first rode around the court and then we were separated into two groups so we could have a race. The race was to see who could get to the finish line last. It was a fun game. After lunch we went back to our lesson with J.S and Travis. We were separated into two groups again and we learnt how to be safe on the road. We also learnt that we don’t use our gears when we're not pedalling. We had a great time and I can’t wait till we do it again. Thank you Bigfoot.

By Danielle

Bike skills for a safe ride.

On Thursday morning we had J.S from Bigfoot to teach us some bike skills. The skills that we were taught were many. First we looked at what kind of clothes we wear when we are riding a bike. J.S told us that when we ride on the bike, we should wear some closed shoes. It is also good to wear something visible and wear something that stands out.

After that we looked at the bike. We had to check the brakes, wheels, bolts and reflectors. We had to listen very carefully to the safety measures we need to take while riding a bike. We had to check everything on the bike so that we could ride safely.

Next we were shown how to wear a helmet and how to ride a bike safely. We listened and learnt a lot about bike safety. I had a great time learning about bike skills.

I am going to be a safe bike rider.

By Edwina

I believed in myself and soldiered on!

Today we participated in the Interschool Orienteering Competition at Waiatarua reserve. There was excitement in the air as we were given instructions. The students from Glenbrae school were raring to go. We were pumped.

Last week we participated in the Tamaki Interschool Orienteering Competition at Waiatarua reserve. There was excitement in the air as we were given instructions. The students from Glenbrae school were raring to go. We were pumped.

First we took a deep breathe before we started running. We had a map each. We wrote our name, the name of our school, and the time we started on the sheet given to us. After our head start was counted down, everyone was sprinting, racing, and following our maps. Everyone was asking ‘is that number 123?’ and I just kept running because I didn’t want them to go ahead of me. As I was almost at the finish end, I was struggling to find number 135. Fortunately some classmates of mine guided me, they saved my life, it was a miracle, because I thought I was going to come last. But I believed in myself and soldiered on.

While I was running to the finish line we had to run through a path that was already organised. I sprinted my way to get my map checked off and to get my placing.  My placing wasn’t so close to the top but atleast I believed in myself.

I was so glad I finished the competition. Even though we had to do a lot of running, sprinting, and looking around for landmarks, I still made it through.

I learnt that believing in yourself makes you achieve your goal.

By Hannah

Making the world a better place

Room 10 had an all important scoot skills session with Delia from Auckland Transport.

The scoot skills we learnt were stop and brake,
and emergency brake which means stop immediately and brake.  Delia was wearing a helmet for protection. She said that we need knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and a helmet for safe scootering. 

We practiced stepping off our scooters and walking with them at pedestrian crossings after looking left and right and when it is safe.

Delia also spoke about travel wise. She said that Auckland Transport was trying to get people out of their cars and get them walking, scootering or cycling to reduce  pollution and global warming. She said that we must all do our bit by walking, cycling or by using our scooters to get to school.

Scoot skills did help many of us understand that we need to be travelwise and do our bit for making the world a better place.

By Tama

Thrilling Netball sessions with Auckland Sport

On Tuesday Room 10  had a netball  session with the Auckland sport tutor.  First we did a light jog then practiced chest passes. We had to chest pass without dropping the ball. When we dropped the ball we always got excited and we started to scream and yell.

After that we played a game. When a number gets called, the two people in the two teams with the same number grab a netball each from the hoop in the centre and go down their team line  chest passing the ball to each member of the team. The first team to complete the chest passes and return the ball to the centre hoop win.

In our second session we learnt to be a defender and an attacker. The attacker has to attack the other person and the defender has to try and defend the attacker.  I had so much fun learning how to play netball. I might end up playing in the Silver Ferns team one day.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

My MOTAT Experience to learn about Simple Machines

Wednesday the 16th of April
Glenbrae senior students went to MOTAT  for our trip about Simple machines.
Our educator Melissa was showing  where the machines were made and why we need them. We need them for survival.

The pump house we saw was first made in 1877 at the Auckland MOTAT. The Pump house was used to  pump fresh clean water to all the homes and factories in Auckland.

After that we went to  see Sir Edmund Hillary's Gallery and we searched up information about him. He  led the New Zealand Team of the
Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition in 1955. He  completed the first Overland crossing of Antarctica using snow mobiles and used simple machines for doing simple tasks.

At 11:30 we went on our tram ride. The trams are run on electricity.  A wire is hooked on top of the power line at both of the ends of the tram to make it move. The Tram we travelled on was made in 1974.

At motat there are lots of new huge machines like Army tanks. I also saw Army grenades and many other mechanisms.

When we finished  looking at machines and mechanisms, we played in the mirror maze for about 5 minutes. After that we went to a class room upstairs and we learnt about  turning small wheels and a big wheels. The trick is the small wheel needs 10 times more strength and the big wheel needs 10 times less strength to move.

Then  we looked at all the types of simple machines that were displayed in the room. For our hands-on activity, we had to try and make a machine. Hannah and I made a twirly simple machine. I had lots of fun looking at all the different simple machines that the others had made, and making my own simple machine. I got lots of information about what simple  machines are and how we  can be creative.
By the significant Katalina.

By Katalina

Machines at M.O.T.A.T

My MOTAT Trip Recount

We went to M.O.T.A.T to learn about simple machines.
Our tour guide was  Melissa.  

At M.O.T.A.T we first looked at a car engine. Then we looked at  some other machines that make electricity and steam.

Then we went to the Simple Machines room. In the room we pulled each other and Mrs Raj up on a pulley. Mrs Raj thought that we could not pull her up but we did! Then we moved on to our next activity.

After that we went on our tram ride.   During the tram ride, the captain was giving us  information  about the tram that we were on. He said  the tram that we were on was made in 1974 and some other trams were made in 1902.

After our tram ride Melissa took us upstairs  and showed us lots of simple  machines like ones that can hold doors. During our lesson Melissa set us a challenge . Each  group had to build our  own simple machines. I took photos  of all the simple machine at the end of our lesson.  Then we had to  take our simple machines apart .

The last activity we were allowed to participate in was the mirror maze, it was a confusing activity.

Then we went outside to see the new exhibits such as military trucks and guns.

It was an awesome day for me and my favourite activity was the mirror maze. I would like to thank the M.O.T.A.T people for the  the wonderful displays  .

Thank you

By Douglas

A Rich Experience

We went to MOTAT to learn more about simple machines. Simple machine are Pulleys, Gears, Levers, Bolts and Wheels. This is the second time I went to MOTAT.

When we arrived we walked to our assembly point where we had morning tea. Soon the entire lot of children had to be organised to head to their first activity. My group first headed to the pump house and had to study it and our caregiver Mrs Pau'uvale asked us questions on the pump house. Next  we advanced  to the Sir Edmund Hillary information house. I found out that Sir Edmund Hillary equipped himself with three Harley Davidsons to travel on, on the ice. Then we walked off to the fire station and wrote more information about the history of fire engines. In The twentieth century a new model of fire engines was created. It was made with more horsepower and equipped with more storage space.
In my opinion the fire engines from the 18th to 19th century are real modern.

After that we advanced to the arcade room, at the arcade we went into the movie theatre, where we watched an asian man create a shoe that makes sure that your feet won’t stink. I felt relieved that an intelligent man has created a unique type of shoes, but unfortunately they're only sold in America and I can do with one of those.
Later on we headed down the stairs to the technology room. We had to run up the stairs and back down. Next we clip-clopped our way to the tram stop. The tram ride was very bumpy. The most exciting moment for me on the tram was when I was chosen to ring the tram bell, and wear the driver's hat. I felt special that I was chosen.

This month is Military month, that's why I saw new artefacts
outside the assembly point. There were displays of Armoured personnel carriers, (APC) Anti-aircraft guns,(AA guns) and many more fascinating military displays. The reason why they put these Military displays was because of Anzac day.

My day at MOTAT was a great experience I enjoyed the spectacularly rich experience. I wish I could go again to learn and have another rich experience.
By Nathaniel

My Transport Poem

Hi guys here is my transport poem its short hope you enjoy

Plane, Car, Boat
One stays afloat, obviosly its a boat
One can fly and rule the sky,
The other is driven and takes you places,
They were all used in war, and can be bought
But best of all they are all made for transport.

By Nathaniel

Simple Machines make life easy for people

We went to MOTAT to learn and discover more about simple machines. MOTAT stands for Museum of Transport and Technology. We had Melissa as our instructor.

At  MOTAT  we first went to the future train and had a turn each on the driver’s seat. Then we went to the Steam House. There was a man who was telling us about the history of the steam machines.

Then we all gathered up at the tram station waiting for the tram. We all sat patiently waiting to reach the other end. It was an exciting experience because all my friends were in the tram with me. We giggled and laughed and quickly reached the other end. The driver spoke about how the tram worked.

After that we went with Melissa to a class to learn about first, second and third Levers. The first lever was a plier, second was a nut cracker, and finally the last was a tong. This was new information that I learnt.

There were new exhibits at the assembly point. For the first time I saw an olden day tank and other army transport vehicles. I was fascinated to see the army vehicles which looked smaller than what we see in movies.

It was an awesome experience for me and at the same time it was fun. I learnt that simple machines makes life easier for people. I hope we can go back there again and have more time to learn about transport.

By Christian

I learnt a lot about Simple Machines

M.O.T.A.T RecountWe went to MOTAT to learn about Simple Machines and Mechanisms. We first went to the car engine. There was a video playing about how the engine worked. The car engine had gears, cogs and wheels. On the video when the engine worked, the long metal cylinder in the middle spun very, very fast.Then we went to a hall full of different cars and a train that was built to be used in the future. We saw a plane engine placed in front of the train to the right. It was big and we saw gears and cogs again.After that, we had a turn spinning the engine in the big hall of cars. It showed us how it works when a car starts. It also had cogs and gears.During the class lessons, we learnt what gears, cogs, pulleys, levers and wheels do. After that we had twenty minutes to build something which had cogs, pulleys, gears, levers, wheels, wedges, screws and inclined planes. I felt excited trying to build something.Alex and I built a biplane. It was awesome.
There were new exhibits in MOTAT. It was Military Month so MOTAT displayed AA Guns,FV 432 Tanks, Military transport like bikes. It was so fascinating and interesting. The most fascinating for me was the AA Gun because that is the first time in my life seeing a real AA Gun. It was tall and caught my eyes in a SNAP!!.It was an interesting trip because I have learned so much about Simple Machines and Mechanisms. I enjoyed it and I hope I go there again soon with my parents because the time was too short.

By Lisiate

Learning about Things I Never Knew

We went to Motat to learn and explore Simple Mechanisms.

At MOTAT we first explored around the old vehicles.My favourite vehicle is a Morris Eight.The Morris Eight was the most sold out car in year 1930 in England. My group and I watched how a car engine worked in the olden days. While we were in the cars exhibition area we saw the huge black plane engine also.

Then we moved to the Victorian Village. While we were walking around  the Victorian Village we walked into a classroom of the olden days. We also found a pencil sharpener, an abacus, a bell and a weird looking heater. Then we went to the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. We prayed inside the church and enjoyed the experience of the small church. The church was built in 1898 and transferred to MOTAT in 1974.

After that we went to the tram station. We nearly  missed the tram as we were late. So we  quickly went through the shop and onto the tram. The tram that we were riding on was built in 1944 in Melbourne.Our Tram driver was Paul O’ Ryan.

In class we learnt about simple mechanisms. A simple mechanism is a mechanism that makes our life easier by using a simple object. Such mechanisms are pulleys, wedges, levers, wheels and the axle. An Axel gives a point of rotation for a wheel. In the 10 last minutes we got to make a simple machine. My partner and I made a small vehicle.

There were new exhibits outside the car exhibition. It was an army collection of Armoured tanks and huge guns.The FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier was used for the army and was built in 1964. Its speed was 52 km/h.

It was a cool experience to explore MOTAT learning about Simple Machines.I had an awesome time at MOTAT learning about things I never knew.

By Anamanu

Gold Rush

Yesterday Wednesday the year 7 and 8 walked sensibly to Tamaki College for P.E lessons.
I was very excited to play Gold Rush because I have never had heard of that game.

It was our second P.E lesson with the students from Tamaki College. When we got into the hall we started off with a warmup game called:Rats and Rabbits. Then we moved onto Gold Rush, it started off by 5 cones at each of the 2 sides. The students were split into 2 groups and had to find out a way to steal a cone from the other team. It was very challenging trying to get to the other side to get the cones. I felt really exhausted and hot.

By Anamanu

Learning about Simple Machines was interesting

We went to MOTAT yesterday to learn about simple machines.
At MOTAT we first did some exploring. We were looking at the Steam Engine. After that we went to the pump house. At the pump house it was old stuff. Inside the pump house there were some big wheels.

Then we went to the mirror maze. At the mirror maze it was so noisy because there was another school there. My friends and I kept banging our heads on the mirrors because it was so confusing.   

After the mirror maze,  it was time for our tram ride. When we got to the other side of the Zoo the tram stopped. The driver of the tram Paul O’ Ryan asked us if we had any questions after the ride. Some of us only had few questions. Then we went to the game zone. Mrs Pau’uvale our leader said that its time for our lunch. By now I was very hungry.

When we finished our lunch break, it was time for our class lesson.
During the class lesson Melissa our tour guide, talked to us. She told us about simple machines. She gave us examples of simple machines. She also told us to have a look around for ten minutes. After that we had to build some simple machines. I built a merry go round. It was so much fun.

Then we went outside. There were new exhibits such as military trucks, tanks and machine guns.
By Edwina

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Who felt Embarrassed?

One Fine day, Mr Lawton left his hotel at the Sky Tower and went for a walk in the park. As he was walking along he heard something strange. He walked around the corner and saw a smelly elephant eating a banana. The elephant looked harmless. He walked towards the elephant and as he approached it, he didn't see the slippery banana peel in front of him. The elephant found it hilarious when Mr. Lawton slipped on the banana peel, fell and crashed. Guess who felt embarrassed?

By Malulu

Respecting Foods from other Cultures

Every week on Fridays I went to Tamaki College for technology. Year 8s did food tech. I learnt how to follow recipes, and use the right equipment. In the future I would like use a frying pan to cook the family food.

I have had successes in making chop suey and potato salad because they were the right colour and both dishes tasted real good. I need to show respect to other cultures’ foods and appreciate them like how I respect my culture’s food.

Next term I need to improve my listening skills and my cooking skills.

By Kato

We Cooked, we Cleaned, we Ate!

Every week on Fridays we go to Tamaki for technology. Our group did food technology and learned  how to cook culinary food.
Each week we cook one or two  dishes. We follow instructions and recipes to learn  to cook. food from different countries. Some of the foods we cooked in Term 1 were Chinese, Indian, Tongan, French and Mexican.
I have learnt to cut and chop, use a frying pan, wash the dishes, sweep the floor and really .make good French toast. I succeeded in making French toast and it wasn’t burnt it tasted pretty good.
Next term I have to improve on listening really carefully and following instructions.

By Joan

Challenging yet Fun Technology Sessions at Tamaki College

Technology is more of a Friday thing, For Technology the Year 7s attend wood tech with Mr Grundy and the Year 8s are at food tech with Miss Heka. In wood tech we get a booklet to draw our ideas in. Once we’ve had more than at least five we get a piece of timber. In our booklet we draw five things we can make with the piece of timber, then we choose what we’re going to make. Some of us decided to make trucks, keyholders, helicopters and so much more!. As soon as we finished we decided we went onto our cutting and designing.
It is quite challenging yet fun attending Technology at Tamaki College and we love it!


Exciting P.E. Lessons at Tamaki College

The year 7 and 8 students from our school went to Tamaki college for P.E. lessons. We got into our house groups and experienced different kinds of games which were both skill based and fun. We learnt to play heaps of games. The new skill I  learned was to work in a team. I need to listen more to do well.