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Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Most Tiring Event Ever

Last week, some of the students from Glenbrae School went to the Waitaki Reserve  for Orienteering. When it was my group’s turn, we ran as quick as flashes. We had to split up because we all had different control points to go to and all our maps were different. Some of us had the one or two numbers that was the same so we just followed each other until we had no numbers that were the same, then we went off on our own. It was very muddy and made it difficult for us to walk or run. 

When I first started it was a little bit cold then when we were running around it was getting really hot. That was the most tiring thing I’ve ever done, but it was still so much fun and I did it for Glenbrae school. We had some good placings among the top students.

By Brinix


  1. Well done Brinix for participating in the Orienteering event. I am proud of you!
    Mrs. Raj

  2. Hi Brinix
    You represented our school well at the orienteering at Waiatarua reserve. I enjoyed the way you explained what we did there, especially when you wrote that you "ran as quick as flashes". I was proud of Glenbrae students' efforts, since it was our first time in this competition.

  3. I like the metaphor you used like "I ran as quickly as flash you used a fast super person so people can see how fast you ran.

  4. Hi Brinix I really like how you used a metaphor. Really good writing Brinix.

  5. Hi Brinix
    I like the way you explained what we did at there, at Waiatarua Reserve and I love the way you said that you "ran as quick as flashes.
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. I liked the way you used similes in your recount.I like how you described the orientating.Well done keep it up.

  7. Hey, Brinix
    I like the way you described what we did and where we went to i loved how in the morning when it was rally cold then when you started running it was really hot

    Well done Brinix :)