Room 10 Bright Sparks

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Bike skills for a safe ride.

On Thursday morning we had J.S from Bigfoot to teach us some bike skills. The skills that we were taught were many. First we looked at what kind of clothes we wear when we are riding a bike. J.S told us that when we ride on the bike, we should wear some closed shoes. It is also good to wear something visible and wear something that stands out.

After that we looked at the bike. We had to check the brakes, wheels, bolts and reflectors. We had to listen very carefully to the safety measures we need to take while riding a bike. We had to check everything on the bike so that we could ride safely.

Next we were shown how to wear a helmet and how to ride a bike safely. We listened and learnt a lot about bike safety. I had a great time learning about bike skills.

I am going to be a safe bike rider.

By Edwina


  1. Hi Edwina

    I really enjoyed reading your recount about bike safety. You have used some good adjectives to describe what you did and learnt. I think that I have learnt some new ideas about bike safety as well.

  2. Good Morning Edwina.F Great Start I really loved reading your recount about the fun bike saftey.Love the way you used Great adjectives to describe what you were doing there and what you learnt.I think you have learnt more so keep up the great work.

  3. Good writing Edwina. I really like your work I love the way you used adjectives.

    By Edward