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Saturday, 4 May 2013

My MOTAT Experience to learn about Simple Machines

Wednesday the 16th of April
Glenbrae senior students went to MOTAT  for our trip about Simple machines.
Our educator Melissa was showing  where the machines were made and why we need them. We need them for survival.

The pump house we saw was first made in 1877 at the Auckland MOTAT. The Pump house was used to  pump fresh clean water to all the homes and factories in Auckland.

After that we went to  see Sir Edmund Hillary's Gallery and we searched up information about him. He  led the New Zealand Team of the
Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition in 1955. He  completed the first Overland crossing of Antarctica using snow mobiles and used simple machines for doing simple tasks.

At 11:30 we went on our tram ride. The trams are run on electricity.  A wire is hooked on top of the power line at both of the ends of the tram to make it move. The Tram we travelled on was made in 1974.

At motat there are lots of new huge machines like Army tanks. I also saw Army grenades and many other mechanisms.

When we finished  looking at machines and mechanisms, we played in the mirror maze for about 5 minutes. After that we went to a class room upstairs and we learnt about  turning small wheels and a big wheels. The trick is the small wheel needs 10 times more strength and the big wheel needs 10 times less strength to move.

Then  we looked at all the types of simple machines that were displayed in the room. For our hands-on activity, we had to try and make a machine. Hannah and I made a twirly simple machine. I had lots of fun looking at all the different simple machines that the others had made, and making my own simple machine. I got lots of information about what simple  machines are and how we  can be creative.
By the significant Katalina.

By Katalina


  1. I am glad you were able to learn about what simple machines are and how they operate Katalina.

    Mrs. Raj

  2. Awesome trip guys glade you enjoyed it.


  3. hi katalina i like the way you told us who simple machines are and keep up the great work
    Well done


    1. Thanks and i hope you had a great time when we went on the trip