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Saturday, 4 May 2013

I learnt a lot about Simple Machines

M.O.T.A.T RecountWe went to MOTAT to learn about Simple Machines and Mechanisms. We first went to the car engine. There was a video playing about how the engine worked. The car engine had gears, cogs and wheels. On the video when the engine worked, the long metal cylinder in the middle spun very, very fast.Then we went to a hall full of different cars and a train that was built to be used in the future. We saw a plane engine placed in front of the train to the right. It was big and we saw gears and cogs again.After that, we had a turn spinning the engine in the big hall of cars. It showed us how it works when a car starts. It also had cogs and gears.During the class lessons, we learnt what gears, cogs, pulleys, levers and wheels do. After that we had twenty minutes to build something which had cogs, pulleys, gears, levers, wheels, wedges, screws and inclined planes. I felt excited trying to build something.Alex and I built a biplane. It was awesome.
There were new exhibits in MOTAT. It was Military Month so MOTAT displayed AA Guns,FV 432 Tanks, Military transport like bikes. It was so fascinating and interesting. The most fascinating for me was the AA Gun because that is the first time in my life seeing a real AA Gun. It was tall and caught my eyes in a SNAP!!.It was an interesting trip because I have learned so much about Simple Machines and Mechanisms. I enjoyed it and I hope I go there again soon with my parents because the time was too short.

By Lisiate

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  1. Great that you have learnt a lot about simple Machins Lisiate. Well done!
    Mrs. Raj