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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Machines at M.O.T.A.T

My MOTAT Trip Recount

We went to M.O.T.A.T to learn about simple machines.
Our tour guide was  Melissa.  

At M.O.T.A.T we first looked at a car engine. Then we looked at  some other machines that make electricity and steam.

Then we went to the Simple Machines room. In the room we pulled each other and Mrs Raj up on a pulley. Mrs Raj thought that we could not pull her up but we did! Then we moved on to our next activity.

After that we went on our tram ride.   During the tram ride, the captain was giving us  information  about the tram that we were on. He said  the tram that we were on was made in 1974 and some other trams were made in 1902.

After our tram ride Melissa took us upstairs  and showed us lots of simple  machines like ones that can hold doors. During our lesson Melissa set us a challenge . Each  group had to build our  own simple machines. I took photos  of all the simple machine at the end of our lesson.  Then we had to  take our simple machines apart .

The last activity we were allowed to participate in was the mirror maze, it was a confusing activity.

Then we went outside to see the new exhibits such as military trucks and guns.

It was an awesome day for me and my favourite activity was the mirror maze. I would like to thank the M.O.T.A.T people for the  the wonderful displays  .

Thank you

By Douglas

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  1. I am glad you were able to learn about what simple machines are and how they operate Douglas.

    Mrs. Raj