Room 10 Bright Sparks

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The taste test!

Last week we looked at what we should look for on a food label. We analysed 6 boxes of muesli bars for energy, sugar, fibre, whole grains, and saturated fat. We then had to taste each bar and talk about the flavour texture and smell.
We used both sets of information to evaluate the bars and make recommendations based on health and taste.
View our individual blogs to see the results and recommendations.

Developing our Softball Skills

Our Auckland Sport focus the past few weeks has been Softball, we learned some tips about throwing and catching and today we finally got out to bat. It was great fun cheering one another on and being supportive.

Check out these great shots from today's lesson.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Making Informed Choices... What's in a label?

Today in Room 10 we continued with our investigation into healthy food and understanding food labels. 

We analysed the labels of 7 different types of muesli and snack bars to see what levels of fat, sugar, fibre and energy they had. 

From here we made infographics to display our findings and make recommendations.... check our individual blogs to see what we found out. 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I notice... I Wonder... Reading Food Nutrition Labels

Today we explored food nutrition labels... 
We jotted down the things that we noticed and wondered about what we read. 

Food Item Nutrition Label
I Notice…
I wonder
Kellogs Nutrigrain
  • there is 32% or ⅓ pure sugar.
  • i noticed that nutrigrain has calcium
  • I noticed that I don’t understand some of these words
  • I wonder if you can eat nutrigrain with sugar when not doing anything for the day.
  • I wonder what Folate is
  • I wonder
SNAX Crackers

  • I think that snax crackers are unhealthy.
  • I wonder why they taste good
  • SKOF BBQ Chips
    • there is 3.4 per a servings in one packet
    • I notice there is 2120KJ in quantity per 100g
    • there is 840 kj per a hundred grams
    • I noticed
    I  wonder how much you eat is how much you get.
    Sanitarium Honey Puffs
    • I notice that there is more ingredients in the muesli than the honey puffs but taste so differently
  • I wonder how they make honey puffs.
  • Super Fruity Toasted Muesli

    • I wonder how all the ingredients and products fit into the finish touch.
    Skippy Cornflakes
    • I wonder what Niacin is.
    • i wonder what is dietary fibre
    Spuds Chicken Chips
    • Spuds is unhealthy
    • I noticed that spuds contains
    • What is vitamin B3
    • I wonder

    Wednesday, 12 November 2014


    Come on guys, let's be Travel wise. Please enjoy watching this movie.
    Please leave a comment.

    Zombie Apocalypse

    During Term 3 Glenbrae School learned all about Natural Disasters. We learned about how to be prepared to survive a natural disaster... But what about a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? 

    Would you be prepared? 

    This film is about being prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse. Watch the movie and enjoy! Please leave a comment about how you enjoyed watching the movie.

    Tuesday, 11 November 2014

    Does taste require smell?

    Smell and taste are different senses. Today in Room 10 we investigated how they relate to one another.  

    Our taste buds are on our tongue and can sense 5 different tastes: Salty, Sour, Bitter, Sweet and Umami (Savoury). 

    Flavour however, is activated by our sense of smell. When we can also smell something we can easier identify the flavour. 

    We tasted Jelly Beans, with our eyes closed, and nose blocked, so that only our sense of taste was working. We could taste sweet, but not much else. 

    Once we unblocked our noses, and added our sense of smell... we sensed more flavour. 

    We will write up our reports this week... stay tuned for more details. 

    Coming soon to a HOYTS XTREME Scream near you...

    Tuesday, 4 November 2014

    House WARS

    Recently I posted about House Points. Which we earn by showing respect to one another, to property, by playing fairly, by looking after our school grounds. Yesterday instead of competing with kindness we competed with strength in a round of TUG-O-WAR.

    First we competed Girls vs. Girls in house groups then Boys vs. Boys. Finally finishing with whole house competitions. 

    In the girls competition we had two heats, then a final. The final was Kowhai vs. Nikau. Kowhai girls won, with Nikau coming second. 

    The boys competition followed the same format. With Kauri and Nikau in the final. Kauri came first, and Nikau second. 

    In the whole house competitions the final came down to Kauri vs. Rata. Kauri won again, with Rata coming second. 

    It was great that all houses got a place on the leaderboard, and the thing I liked best to see, was that when houses were not competing, they were always supporting another house. Cheering them on and displaying great sportsmanship! 

    Well done all houses. It was a great event. 


    Girls Competition                        Kowhai 1st vs. Nikau 2nd 

    Boys Competition                            Kauri 1st vs. Nikau 2nd

    Whole House Competition                Kauri 1st vs. Rata 2nd 

    Monday, 3 November 2014

    Room 10's Friday Flash

    This week in Room 10 has flown by, with Monday being a public holiday we have only had four days of learning time. With our assessments running next week we have been busy going over writing structures and mathematics so that we are ready for our assessments next week.
    Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker have started quizzing some of us and have been very pleased to see the improvements in our learning so far. Well done Room 10.
    Keep up the hard work. 

    We have a new house point system with cool clear boxes to put our house points in. Now we can see who is in the lead in the race to fill the boxes. You can fill the boxes by showing respect in the playground, duty teachers have pockets fill of house points to give away to people who show respect to property, and others. Who use respectful language and play respectfully. Good luck to all the houses!