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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

House WARS

Recently I posted about House Points. Which we earn by showing respect to one another, to property, by playing fairly, by looking after our school grounds. Yesterday instead of competing with kindness we competed with strength in a round of TUG-O-WAR.

First we competed Girls vs. Girls in house groups then Boys vs. Boys. Finally finishing with whole house competitions. 

In the girls competition we had two heats, then a final. The final was Kowhai vs. Nikau. Kowhai girls won, with Nikau coming second. 

The boys competition followed the same format. With Kauri and Nikau in the final. Kauri came first, and Nikau second. 

In the whole house competitions the final came down to Kauri vs. Rata. Kauri won again, with Rata coming second. 

It was great that all houses got a place on the leaderboard, and the thing I liked best to see, was that when houses were not competing, they were always supporting another house. Cheering them on and displaying great sportsmanship! 

Well done all houses. It was a great event. 


Girls Competition                        Kowhai 1st vs. Nikau 2nd 

Boys Competition                            Kauri 1st vs. Nikau 2nd

Whole House Competition                Kauri 1st vs. Rata 2nd 

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