Room 10 Bright Sparks

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Brilliant NZ Idol - Tame'e!

My Positive, Digital Footprint I will be proud of in ten years time!

Lisiate - Man of the series! NFL Champion!

My Positive Digital Footprint in 10 years time which will make my family, my fans and myself proud!

Role Model - Chanel

In ten years time I'll be NZ's best Netball player! This will be my positive, digital footprint Mrs. Raj, my parents and the world will see.

Team Leader - Anthony Shining Star!

Master in Extreme Sports - Tama

NRL Proud of Star Siupeli!

My Positive Digital Footprint you will read about in ten years time.

Fantastic, Fabulous Centre Kato!

In ten years time my positive digital footprint would make everyone in NZ proud!

Sporty Role Model - Edward

My Positive Digital Footprint in 10 years time.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Our Trip to MOTAT was Enriching

Room 10 learnt about transport vehicles used in the past. Seeing was believing. From our visit we realised that people in the past were quite clever and they invented really practical vehicles to use which got modified as time went on.
Slideshow of our trip to MOTAT

Left! Right! Left! Right! We Marched On!

Boom! boom! boom! all I could hear was my heart beating, so fast I couldn’t even feel myself think. I was really anxious because we were at Tamaki College for PE sessions on Wednesday the 27th of March. The environment was so cheerful everyone so ecstatic.

The sound of a basketball reverberated all over the indoor basketball court, that was all I could hear. Mr Magwick was the man behind all of this. Even though he was injured, that didn’t stop him from being there.

When we met our instructors we were all curious as to what their names were. Then when they started talking they said “Hi my name is Bobby and his name is....” said Bobby ever so keen.  “Tevita” said Tevita so quietly we knew he was really shy. The high light warriors we named ourselves and we were so loud. There was a group playing Pukana and we were trying to be louder than that group. At our different rotations we worked well as a team and learnt valuable skills through little games planned for us by Bobby and Tevita our coaches. It was an hour of learning through fun. We developed P.E. skills and some fitness. When We went into the hall we marched in saying “Left! Right! Left! Right!” we stopped and we sat down. Gemima stood up, there was a hush as she said “On behalf of room 10 we would like to thank you for teaching us some valuable PE skills”. I can’t wait for our next session at Tamaki College.

By Danielle

A Fun-Filled Learning Experience at MOTAT

On Thursday 21 March, the Glenbrae Senior School went to M.O.T.A.T (Museum Of Transport And Technology) to learn about Transport. We first assembled at the hall waiting for the bus. Tame’e, June, Lee, Katalina, Danielle, Austin and I were one of the first groups to board the bus. The bus soon filled up with noises of laughter, talking and pure excitement. We saw different people and their means of transport along the way. When we got there, everyone was thrilled and my skin was covered in goosebumps because of the cold air and the excitement. Ana, a staff member of MOTAT, opened the door to go inside MOTAT. Everyone walked blissfully to the gate and Ana was talking about the safety rules and where we must have our morning tea. We all split up into our groups. Quarter to ten, our journey began. First, my group went to the K900 train. A long time ago it was a very big train, but derailed in New Zealand around the 1900 - 2000. One other group was already there. When I got into the train, I touched something and CHOOOOOTTT!!, I was scared for a split second and ran out of the train. In that split second, I thought the train had started and was about to go beserk and hit cars or people. This was scary! After this scary event, we went to the Gallery Room where there were lots of activities and displays. There was a room which showed what toys or furniture there was in 1890s, 1900s, 2000s. Lee was spinning something to show how an engine works in a car. Tame’e and Danielle was sitting in a cage and pulling this rope which took them up and down. It had a pulley system. June and Austin were trying their hardest to make a ball maze made out of plastic magnetic pipes. It was very bewildering. After that, we walked excitedly to the bicycle area. I was excited to see the Penny Farthing bicycle. I heard that the Penny Farthing bicycles were very difficult to ride on because the front wheel was huge and the back wheel was small. We saw these two bicycles, one was for men and the other was for women. They looked kind of the same, but both had a different shape to each other. There was this little speaker which was talking about the bicycles of the past and the present. Ana showed us carriages, motorbikes, cars, planes, trains and the tram from the past. It was fun learning about old vehicles compared to the present vehicles. It was a fun filled day during which a lot of learning happened, I would like to go there again and can’t wait for our trip II in week 11.
By Lisiate

Fun P.E. Lessons @ Tamaki College

Room 10 and the good students from Room 7 went to Tamaki College for P. E. lessons. We were jubilant. When we got there, we all sat down in our house groups and met Mr Magwick waiting for us in the Recreation Centre. We had to work with Tila, Christian and Sefo during the session that day. First, we played Rats and Rabbits. We had to choose a partner. I was in the Rats team. We had to lie down facing each other. The umpire had to shout out ‘Rabbits’ or ‘Rats’. If they called ‘Rats’, the ‘Rats’ had to run to the base before the ‘Rabbits’ caught them. Our second game was Gold Rush. There were two teams. There was a red and a yellow team. If the yellow team steps into the red’s half, the red team can tag you. If you get tagged, you had to sit down and wait until someone in the yellow team gets across the red team’s half safely and touch you so you could be back in the game. You had to get all the other team’s cones before the time runs out. It was extremely CHALLENGING. We had a really good time at Tamaki. Mrs Raj, Ms D and Ms Elia were very happy with us. From Ms Elia’s point of view, she said when she saw us walking across the field, we looked like little ants walking in a straight line. I was feeling euphoric because everyone was having fun and behaved very well.

 By Lisiate


Oh my gosh! I couldn’t believe what was happening to me! I could feel warm blood trickle down my neck. I got a shock when I saw the crimson red blood. I was on my way to school, I got out of the house and was arguing with my little brother. He got angry with me over something I said to him and he pushed me off the high stairway. I fell with a thud and got a nasty crack on my head. It was very sore. My little sister ran into the house and told my Dad who rushed out, took me in and cleaned the blood off my face. He asked me to get into the car and he drove me off to the hospital. My head was cleaned, sutured and dressed. I had throbbing pain. I let Mum know what happened at the hospital. She said I needed to rest my head which I did. Two weeks later my head healed but left a scar. I felt happy to be back at school after this horrible accident. By Edward

Exciting and Fun P.E. sessions at Tamaki College

On Wednesday the year 7’s and 8’s walked in a line as straight as a ruler to Tamaki College for P.E lessons. We sat in our groups. Each group went to a different activity. The Blue group was the group I was in and we had leaders from Tamaki College taking the lessons. Courtney, Tyler and Mele were our fantastic coaches. The first game was making a square. Wherever the leader went we had to make a square.Then the next exciting game we participated in was gold rush. All of us split up into 2 groups and then there was a line where you couldn’t touch them but if you entered your enemy’s territory they could touch you and then someone else from your group had to pull you back to your line and then you could run again. But the tricky thing was you had to get one cone from the opposition end and then take it back to your side. It was just like rob the nest but had slightly different rules. We played octopus soon after. Lee was the winner for the first one and then it was Katalina who took the game. After that game we all spread out in a circle and then played Pukana. It was so funny because everyone put on their angry pukana face but in a funny way and some people had a challenge to see who had the fiercest pukana call and face. Then we played another game of octopus and I won that game but then we had to get our things and go sit down so we could be ready to walk back to school. Gemima was from our class and she wasn’t afraid so she stood up and said thank you to the leaders for teaching us new games we hadn’t heard of before or played them. Then when we got back to school and thankfully it was home time and we were dead tired. Our next exciting session is in a week’s time. I can’t wait to be part of it. By Austin