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Monday, 1 April 2013

Fun P.E. Lessons @ Tamaki College

Room 10 and the good students from Room 7 went to Tamaki College for P. E. lessons. We were jubilant. When we got there, we all sat down in our house groups and met Mr Magwick waiting for us in the Recreation Centre. We had to work with Tila, Christian and Sefo during the session that day. First, we played Rats and Rabbits. We had to choose a partner. I was in the Rats team. We had to lie down facing each other. The umpire had to shout out ‘Rabbits’ or ‘Rats’. If they called ‘Rats’, the ‘Rats’ had to run to the base before the ‘Rabbits’ caught them. Our second game was Gold Rush. There were two teams. There was a red and a yellow team. If the yellow team steps into the red’s half, the red team can tag you. If you get tagged, you had to sit down and wait until someone in the yellow team gets across the red team’s half safely and touch you so you could be back in the game. You had to get all the other team’s cones before the time runs out. It was extremely CHALLENGING. We had a really good time at Tamaki. Mrs Raj, Ms D and Ms Elia were very happy with us. From Ms Elia’s point of view, she said when she saw us walking across the field, we looked like little ants walking in a straight line. I was feeling euphoric because everyone was having fun and behaved very well.

 By Lisiate

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  1. Thanks to the senior students at Tamaki. We did have fun and learnt some Physical Education skills that we could take back to our school and use with our juniors. Thanks for writing this recount Lisiate.
    Mrs. Raj