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Monday, 1 April 2013

Exciting and Fun P.E. sessions at Tamaki College

On Wednesday the year 7’s and 8’s walked in a line as straight as a ruler to Tamaki College for P.E lessons. We sat in our groups. Each group went to a different activity. The Blue group was the group I was in and we had leaders from Tamaki College taking the lessons. Courtney, Tyler and Mele were our fantastic coaches. The first game was making a square. Wherever the leader went we had to make a square.Then the next exciting game we participated in was gold rush. All of us split up into 2 groups and then there was a line where you couldn’t touch them but if you entered your enemy’s territory they could touch you and then someone else from your group had to pull you back to your line and then you could run again. But the tricky thing was you had to get one cone from the opposition end and then take it back to your side. It was just like rob the nest but had slightly different rules. We played octopus soon after. Lee was the winner for the first one and then it was Katalina who took the game. After that game we all spread out in a circle and then played Pukana. It was so funny because everyone put on their angry pukana face but in a funny way and some people had a challenge to see who had the fiercest pukana call and face. Then we played another game of octopus and I won that game but then we had to get our things and go sit down so we could be ready to walk back to school. Gemima was from our class and she wasn’t afraid so she stood up and said thank you to the leaders for teaching us new games we hadn’t heard of before or played them. Then when we got back to school and thankfully it was home time and we were dead tired. Our next exciting session is in a week’s time. I can’t wait to be part of it. By Austin

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  1. A well written recount Austin. Keep up the good work!
    Mrs. Raj