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Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Great Result in Softball for Glenbrae

On Wednesday 27 February, the Glenbrae Softball team went to Dunkirk to a softball tournament. When we got there,every school was already there and we were nervous. Our hearts were pounding fast making our blood flow speedily around our body like Usain Bolt on his fast legs. Mrs Maruariki came with a paper and said that we were playing against Ruapotaka first. We were happy about it because they had really good players in their team. It was 9:30, all the schools sat together at the front and the people from Auckland Sport spoke to us about having fun and also revealed the schedule to us. Shawn from Auckland Sport announced that Glenbrae was playing against Ruapotaka first on field 7.

Both schools walked together to field 7. Mrs Maruariki set up the field and EEERRR!!, the sound of the horn screamed at us telling that we have to start the game. My heart pounded even faster and I was so nervous because I thought I might make a mistake during the game. Each captain from each team chose who is batting or fielding first. The captain of Ruapotaka chose to bat first. The team cheered. The fielders of Glenbrae went into positions. I was in base 3, Phoenix was in base 2, June was at base 1.Tame’e and Anthony were shortstops, Christian and Eseki were the outfielders, Nathaniel was backstop and Katalina was the pitcher. “BATTER UP!!” the umpire shouted.The first batter walked to the home base, holding up the bat. Katalina pitched the ball and WACK!! the ball went high and the batter ran to base 1 but Christian caught the ball and “OUT!!” shouted the empire. The second batter came up. Katalina threw the ball and the batter hit the ball which rolled to Katalina who threw the ball to June and she caught it and “OUT!”.“Two out one more to go!” I called out to my team. I felt energized and we had a good feeling we were going to get the third batter out. The third batter came up nervously.Katalina pitched another good ball and WACK! the ball came beside me and I caught the ball and “OUT!!” we cheered.

At the end of the games Glenbrae came second. We felt exhausted but happy at the same time. It was such a great game. Next year, I’m off to Tamaki College and I wonder if their softball team competes with other college teams. My goal is to try to be part of the team because Softball is my favourite sport and I love catching the ball and hitting it.

By Lisiate


  1. A well written recount about the softball tournament. Good job Lisiate. Your recount gave me a good idea of what happened on the day.

  2. Morena Lisiate, from your description it sounds like a very exciting day and lots of fun too. You are well on your way to acheiving your goal of playing at college. I hope Tamaki College have a team too. My neice plays for the Under 15 Wellington Team. We were able to see them play in January when we were in Wellington. It was also very exciting to watch. Did you see the Black Sox play in the World Cup a couple of weeks ago? A great result for New Zealand and all their hard work!