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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Softball Tournament Recount

On Wednesday 27 February 2013 some lucky students from Glenbrae school were able to participate in a softball tournament  at Dunkirk Reserve. At about 9:00 am  we left school on the road to Dunkirk reserve. By the time we got there all the participating schools were already there.

Next we started to do some warm ups. We threw the ball around and then we started batting the ball. After a while we had to sit down so that they could give us our schedule. Having heard the instructions we went to our first game.

The first team we played against was Ruapotaka we had a great game but, Ruapotaka won. They were very good at softball. The next team we played against was Glen Innes Primary Green. We were told that we could choose to field or bat  based on the result of the referee throwing the bat in the air. The captain of the team who would catch it, and whose hand was on the top, would choose if they would like to field or bat. We won that game ten to seven.

After that it was Morning tea/lunch we had half an hour so after we finished eating we practiced. When time was up we played against Glen Innes Primary Red. We won that game and then at the finals we played against Ruapotaka for second or first place. All we could hear was screaming, and shouting. We were focused. Then we saw that Ruapotaka played an awesome game and won the game and were placed first. We were very happy for them.. Glenbrae School had second placing. We were so happy because at least we had come second. We all went back to school when it was almost home time. Everybody congratulated us for coming second and then we went home very tired but pleasantly happy.

By Danielle

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  1. A well written recount about the softball tournament Danielle. Keep up the good work.