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Monday, 1 April 2013

Left! Right! Left! Right! We Marched On!

Boom! boom! boom! all I could hear was my heart beating, so fast I couldn’t even feel myself think. I was really anxious because we were at Tamaki College for PE sessions on Wednesday the 27th of March. The environment was so cheerful everyone so ecstatic.

The sound of a basketball reverberated all over the indoor basketball court, that was all I could hear. Mr Magwick was the man behind all of this. Even though he was injured, that didn’t stop him from being there.

When we met our instructors we were all curious as to what their names were. Then when they started talking they said “Hi my name is Bobby and his name is....” said Bobby ever so keen.  “Tevita” said Tevita so quietly we knew he was really shy. The high light warriors we named ourselves and we were so loud. There was a group playing Pukana and we were trying to be louder than that group. At our different rotations we worked well as a team and learnt valuable skills through little games planned for us by Bobby and Tevita our coaches. It was an hour of learning through fun. We developed P.E. skills and some fitness. When We went into the hall we marched in saying “Left! Right! Left! Right!” we stopped and we sat down. Gemima stood up, there was a hush as she said “On behalf of room 10 we would like to thank you for teaching us some valuable PE skills”. I can’t wait for our next session at Tamaki College.

By Danielle

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