Room 10 Bright Sparks

Monday, 3 November 2014

Room 10's Friday Flash

This week in Room 10 has flown by, with Monday being a public holiday we have only had four days of learning time. With our assessments running next week we have been busy going over writing structures and mathematics so that we are ready for our assessments next week.
Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker have started quizzing some of us and have been very pleased to see the improvements in our learning so far. Well done Room 10.
Keep up the hard work. 

We have a new house point system with cool clear boxes to put our house points in. Now we can see who is in the lead in the race to fill the boxes. You can fill the boxes by showing respect in the playground, duty teachers have pockets fill of house points to give away to people who show respect to property, and others. Who use respectful language and play respectfully. Good luck to all the houses! 

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