Room 10 Bright Sparks

Sunday, 26 May 2013

An Exciting Netball Session

We went  for  netball practice with Gina. On the courts we were  learning how to attack and block. First we got into pairs and the players in the pairs were called attackers and defenders. We practiced the chest pass and how to attack and defend with the netball. We played a game which was exciting because everybody was excited.

I had fun at netball practice. It was cool. I feel like I want to play the game again and again.

By Edward


  1. Great effort in writing this recount Edward.
    Continue to write blog posts for our class blog.
    I am proud of you!
    Mrs. Raj

  2. Hi Edward
    I am glad you enjoyed the netball so much. I enjoyed your story, and liked the way you explained so clearly what you learned. Good on you!

  3. Nice post I like to see my class mates learning. Good Job.