Room 10 Bright Sparks

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Thrilling Netball sessions with Auckland Sport

On Tuesday Room 10  had a netball  session with the Auckland sport tutor.  First we did a light jog then practiced chest passes. We had to chest pass without dropping the ball. When we dropped the ball we always got excited and we started to scream and yell.

After that we played a game. When a number gets called, the two people in the two teams with the same number grab a netball each from the hoop in the centre and go down their team line  chest passing the ball to each member of the team. The first team to complete the chest passes and return the ball to the centre hoop win.

In our second session we learnt to be a defender and an attacker. The attacker has to attack the other person and the defender has to try and defend the attacker.  I had so much fun learning how to play netball. I might end up playing in the Silver Ferns team one day.



  1. Hi Katalina,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying your Netball Skills. Thankyou so much for doing such a wonderful blog post.

    Auckland Sport

  2. Thank you Mrs Gina for teaching our class room more about Net ball.