Room 10 Bright Sparks

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Big Foot's Bike Safety Skills

On Thursday last week, Room 10 had a  lesson with J.S about bike skills - Theory.  J.S. told us that if we wanted to ride a bike we had to make sure we would be visible on the road.  He stressed that when we’re riding a bike we have to wear covered shoes and to make sure that our laces are tucked into our shoes. He also said that when we wear big baggy pants we might want to tuck them into our socks or we might get our pants stuck in the chain. He asked us to make sure we don’t wear tight pants because we have to be  able to move our legs. J.S was wearing a grey top but he was wearing a reflective vest, so that made it safer for him to cycle on the road. But when we're riding a  bike to school we need to wear our backpack which is covered with a reflector so we are more visible on the road .

The next thing we learnt was how to do a bike check. The first thing we had to do was check both of our brakes. Next we had to check the wheels , the spokes, the tread and to make sure that the wheel is pumped up. The next step we have to do is to check the bolts to make sure they are tight. The last thing we had to check were the reflectors.

The most important step to be safe when we're riding our bike is to always wear  a  helmet. J.S showed us the right way to put on our helmet. The first thing we had to do was loosen the helmet as much as we could and then put it on our heads. We put two fingers above the eye Then we had to tighten it so it’s not loose. Then our straps on the side should look like a Y to make sure it’s tight enough. We had to try to pull the straps over our chin.

Finally we were able to ride a bike. Yay! First we had to get the bike adjusted just for us. We first rode around the court and then we were separated into two groups so we could have a race. The race was to see who could get to the finish line last. It was a fun game. After lunch we went back to our lesson with J.S and Travis. We were separated into two groups again and we learnt how to be safe on the road. We also learnt that we don’t use our gears when we're not pedalling. We had a great time and I can’t wait till we do it again. Thank you Bigfoot.

By Danielle


  1. Great work Danielle keep up the good work.

  2. Nice work Danielle love how you described everything to make it sound really nice and it does sound amazing.

    Great work:)