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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Matariki Poetry Workshop

This week Glenbrae School has had the honour of hosting Fijian born Poet Darren Kamali. 

He presented some of his work to us, lyrical and inspiring, before running teaching us some of the tricks of the trade and helped Room 10 develop a combined Matariki Poem. 


Looks like kite flying, telescope, legends, seven sisters and the future
Smells like the moisture in the air, camp fires, tender, juicy and smoked meat, plantation and animals running wild. 
Feels high spirited, affected by the seven stars, love, cool-crisp, grateful, winter nights and frosty morns
Tastes are gourd, kaimoana, kumara, salty, and tuna.
Sounds like a legend, celebration, tapping shoes, seven handsome boys finding a wifey and magic music. 

After co-creating a joint poem successfully we embarked on our own poetic journeys. Darren roamed the room helping us along as required, then encouraged us to edit and present our work....

It was really motivating with our 'LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION' actions. 

Darren returns tomorrow so that we can finish and publish our poems. Some will be selected to appear on the national Matariki website, and others will be displayed in our school hall for the Matariki Ball this Friday! 

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  1. that poem moved me and i really liked it
    i wonder if he will come back