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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Fun Water Day at Glenbrae!

URGENT! URGENT! Glenbrae School is celebrating the HOT SUMMER. They are planning to divide all the students from 5 -12 yrs old into 4 groups and compete each other to fill in bins with water. Everything done, it was time for the very challenging challenges to take place. All the teams marched and sang all the way to the meeting area, the court. All the kids went to their places to participate in their activities. First we began to do the bucket & sponge activity going under and under until the sponge reached the final person who zoomed to the bins to squeeze the water out of the sponge. After running to and from filling the bins I was already tiring. When the loud siren went it was time to walk to our other activity. Mrs George prepared us for crossing the river. We had to cross the plank and fill our milk bottles and sprint with them to the bin. I think people had to do it about 4 times to do the routine over and over again and fill our house coloured bins. After crossing the river it gave me a stitch in my stomach. Afterwards we had to fill our cups and race to the bin and sprint back to the back of the line. While I was running my stitch just got worse and worse, I was beginning to give up. But I eventually sucked it up and finished the activity and moved on to the next one. So we walked slowly and slowly to the next event and that was with a sponge going over and under. It was similar to the activity we did first. Afterwards we moved on to the next event which was a zig zag through the cones and empty your cup into the bin. People couldn’t wait to go to the next event because it was the FUN WATER DAY. Once the loud siren went on everybody rushed to the FUN WATER SLIDE and stood in line and slid down the soapy slide with water in our cups. This was hilarious and all of us students had a lot of fun. It was truly a great day! By Anamanu


  1. Hi Mrs Raj seems like we all had the most coolest time ever. I also like the way you used beautiful punctuation in the piece of writing.

  2. Hi Anamanu
    What a great post Anamanu. When I saw Urgent! Urgent! I was hooked into the Recount. Keep the good work up. It would be helpful if you gave more detail in your recount.

  3. Greetings Mrs Raj,we all had a cool time at the Water Fun Day. I thought you wrote an amazing recount. I like the way you start off with a hook 'URGENT URGENT'. Write another interesting story or a recount and I would love to comment on it.

  4. Hi Anamanu
    You really gave me the chills down my spine, when I reed you story. I really like the way you used the word URGENT ,to hook the readers.I like this photo you used for you blog post. Keep it up Anamanu.