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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Nice, Hot Day for Water Fun Day!!

Celebrate Summer Yay!! It was water fun day. First we got changed into our house colours T-Shirts. I was dressed in Blue. My group had to sit next to the hall and learn our house group song that was pretty funny. So when we learnt it, we went marching around the court while singing our house group song. Then, every group sat down and after listening to instructions we went off to our first event. Our first event was bucket and sponge. We had to soak the sponge in the water and do under and over and the last person at the end had to run and squeeze the sponge in our house group bin.That was really cool and funny, it was my favourite event. The next event was crossing the river. We had to run across the bench and put the bottle in the bucket and wait till it was full. Then we had to run as fast as we could and pour it in the bin, then we had to run back while everyone was cheering loudly. This event too was so much fun. My other favourite event was zig zag. We ran with a cup of water down the hill without tipping it, that was pretty hard. Then we had to run back up and give it to the next person to continue. When I was running down water was going everywhere on me so that was so awesome. I had a really fantastic time I can’t wait till we have another event like this organised. It was cool because there were heaps of events and every event had water and it was a really nice and hot day for a Water Fun Day. By Joan

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  1. Hi Joan
    I was reading your Water fun day recount. Loved the way you have used the sentence (I was dressed in Blue). Keep up the good work!!