Room 10 Bright Sparks

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Happenings in Room 10

It's been a busy week here in Room 10 and it's only Tuesday so far.

We've had plenty of visitors to speak to us about some of the important decisions we will face in the future. Mr Dunn from Tamaki College came to talk to us about deciding what College to go to next year, and he told us about a great opportunity.
There is a scholarship to Tamaki College worth $1000! School leaders, sports leaders and top achievers are invited to apply. The prize includes all fees for Year 9, a brand new uniform, and a new 2015 model Netbook for our learning.
We've also had opportunities to hear from and ask people questions about different career options. 
To say thank you to all these visitors for giving us their time we have been writing thank you letters. Some of our letters are very heartfelt, and show that we learned a lot from these visits. 

We had another visit from Max the Pukeko and the SchoolBus from Travel Wise today too. 
We were able to help support safe travel around the school! 

Our Tae Kwon Do Lessons have been going fantastically. Today we practiced high jump kicks. There is quite a lot of technique to this, so please don't try it at home. Moli got our highest kick, and Hannah wasn't far behind with the highest girl's kick. Both at least two metres high! Well Done! 

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