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Monday, 22 September 2014

Careers in Health Sciences

Our Careers focus this term has been amazing.
We have had visitors from across many different fields of study and possible career paths for us.
Today we had 6 visitors from the MAPAS (Māori and Pacific Admission Scheme) from Auckland University's, Tamaki Campus to talk to us about the exciting pathways available in health.

Susana, their co-ordinator, bought along some of the talented students studying health at Auckland University Raewyn, Ainsleigh, Kalina (3rd Yr Medicine) Catherine (Conjoint, health science and nursing)  Atelaite (Bachelor of Health Science)

Atelaite showed us a game of Pass along charades. We formed three teams, Tigers, Lions and Butterfingers. Mrs Parker was cheering for the butterfingers team, because that was the name of her Netball team when she was at school.
The first charade was 'rowing a boat' and Tigers won. The second round was won by Butterfingers, and the charade was 'eating an icecream'. The third round tigers won again, 'dancing'. Our fourth round was 'driving a car', Tigers won again! Well done Tigers.

Next, we split off into smaller groups and talked about the potential careers we could take, nursing,  doctors, optometry, physiotherapy, paediatrics,  pharmacist, healthcare. Raewyn was encouraging us to take the sciences when we get to High School. Atelaite talked to us about what she is studying in Health Sciences, she explained that a Bachelor of Health Sciences looks at more than just the health problems, but the community of health care. For example, if someone has asthma looking at the environment that they live in and how to help from a causation level. Atelaite explained that in her role she helps look after all the populations health, and is like the boss of all the other people in the healthcare organisation.

Atelaite was explaining that at the moment there are not many Māori and Pasifika people trained in the health sciences. She was explaining that it's important to work hard in school at sciences so that we might go to university and study Health Sciences to better represent our people.

For more information on MAPAs go here. 

Ainsleigh and Kalina talked to us about some of the instruments that Doctors and Nurses use. Tuning forks, for testing hearing; Stethoscopes for testing our heartbeat; and Tendon Hammer for testing our reflexes.  We got to try using the tools on ourselves, and learned how to test for a pulse.

Tendon Hammer for testing reflexes
Tuning fork vibrations
 The tendon hammer tingled, and made your leg move, it was weird because we had no control over the reflex.  It was really interesting to learn more about our bodies, and the tools that doctors and nurses use. 

Next we went to Raewyn and Catherine's Stand and we learned about Blood Pressure and Stethoscopes. It was interesting to listen to one another's heartbeat. 

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