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Monday, 29 September 2014

Tech @ Tamaki

The year 7 & 8 students of Glenbrae School visit Tamaki college each Friday morning to do Technology.
Currently the year 8 students are doing food technology and have been learning about safe cooking practices and healthy (and some not so healthy, but hey we're allowed treats once in a while - right?) cooking.
This week the students learned how to make family friendly dinner recipes and cooked delicious Cottage Pie. Cottage pie, is actually a really healthy type of pie, because there is no pastry.  Instead it's made in a big baking dish, and topped with yummy mashed potato and grated cheese. Underneath the potato and cheese, is a healthy savoury mince and vegetable mix. Served with a salad it make a complete healthy meal.

Malulu and Anthony were kind enough to share their cottage pie with me for 'quality assurance testing'. I can now assure you - this cottage pie was QUALITY. Very tasty boys. Well done.
Check back to their personal blogs for the recipe. And stay tuned for more of their culinary delights.

Mrs Parker

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  1. Hi Room 7, as known as Bright Star.I love your guys meal.It looks very nice. I wished you'll make me some.Just joking. Well done. :)

    Folauhola F. SPX GLEN INNES.