Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 7 March 2014

Friday Flash ... Room 10's weekly blast.

What a busy week in Room 10. We charged through most of our tests and had four sessions in the Life Education Caravan with the wonderful Meredith and Harold. We really enjoyed Harold's jokes, and Meredith had a lot of information to share with us about Keeping a Balance and how our brain works. Test out our Keeping a Balance Quiz

Water Safety
We also learned about rip currents and talked about to recognise the calm water as a rip. This means that when we swim at the beach, the safest spot is where there are breaking waves, and always between the flags! 
We then talked about what you should do if you are ever caught in a rip. 

  • Keep calm
  • Swim with it 
  • or swim parallel to the breaking waves 
  • Conserve your energy
We then had fun creating our own rip current in the pool. Two groups of us formed lines in the middle of the pool and made 'waves' which moved like currents and formed a rip down the middle of the groups. 
Mrs Parker got very wet! Next week we will practice more water safety, using life jackets and how to be safe in and around water. 


  1. Great to see young people in New Zealand learning how to be safe in the water. We have so many beautiful beaches here it's good to know how to enjoy them in a manner that is sensible.

  2. Very well done Room 10. It has been wonderful seeing you all improving your swimming skills and learning to be safe in water. Well done to Te Puawai, Baden, Nganaga, Mangila, Wairua, Anamanu for being selected to be in the school swimming team.