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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Basketball, class visits and water safety ... An ordinary day in Room 10

Such a busy day today!!
We started with basketball and learned more about the rules including the three types of fouls. 'Reaching, pushing and blocking' are all types of fouls. 
We played a warm up game called Hospital tag, where everybody was in, and when tagged you had to hold where you were tagged, like a band aid. 
We learned some more dribbling tricks and practiced dribbling behind our backs and between our legs. 
Then we played Dribble King, which was a game where you had to try and knock the other person's ball away while still dribbling your own. Some of us were really skilled at it!
The trick of the week was learning how to spin the ball on our finger! It was tricky, but most of us got there. 

We also had a visit from Chaplin Bruce today who talked to us about being proud of our differences. He said that when we work together we can achieve more! He gave Hannah an awesome bracelet made out of many rubber bands. She has been asked to share it with other students in the class throughout the week too... 

This afternoon we carried on with our learning about water safety. This time, we practiced wearing life jackets, and how to make sure they are fitted properly. It was much tighter than many of us thought. The best way to test it was to pull them by the shoulders and if it comes up it is too loose! 

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  1. Awesome learning Room 10. I know you will all remember the importance of wearing life jackets on water. Keep up the good work.