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Friday, 28 March 2014

Week 8 Friday Flash

Another superstar week in the world of Glenbrae. So much learning and a few exciting extra-curricular activities too. 

Garden Club... 
We discovered a few of our students had green thumbs in the Monday Garden Club, they made a fantastic job of weeding and tidying our school gardens. 

I wonder what wonderful things we can grow this year!

Festival of Education...
Several of our students also enjoyed a trip to the Festival of Education to showcase their learning. A huge thank you to Lennyx, Hannah, Danielle, Te Puawai, Edwina, Jerome, Mrs Raj and Mrs Elia who gave up their Saturday to share how and what we are learning at the Festival of Education. 

Literacy Learning .... 

In literacy we are currently learning about Information Reports. 
To help get us started the Kiwi reading group successfully analysed an information report to locate all of the features. Well Done! 
I look forward to seeing these features showing up in our writing too. 

A huge congratulations to our Certificate Recipients this week: 
Jack - Working independently and improving work using feedback. 
Atelaite - Working well and asking good questions in reading. 
Molimauola - Producing quality work in reading 
Siosifa - working independently and focusing his learning. 
Eseki - working diligently and producing high quality writing 

We also had a bonanza in the wonderhoop this week with 11 names being drawn!

Blogger of the Month... 
In case you hadn't checked it out yet, February's Blogger of the Month was Edwina!
You can catch her blog here or see the updates live on the front page of our class site
March Blogger of the Month is soon to be announced so keep blogging and watch this space! 

Coming up.... 
As part of our Survival in the Wild inquiry this term we are learning about how to prepare for bush walk, information about medicinal plants, native birds, plants, insects and animals. 
Next week we are going on a trip to the Zoo to learn more about the native bush, and the following week we will be going to Long Bay on the North Shore to learn about outdoor survival skills. Stay tuned, for more updates on our learning. 

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  1. It is good to see how room 10 is learning.I would like to see your planing for the future.