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Friday, 4 April 2014

Glenbrae goes to the Zoo

Today was no ordinary school day.
We arrived at school bright and early and joined Room's 7 & 9 on the buses to head to Auckland Zoo.
We spent the morning in the NZ native habitat's and saw many of the trees and birds that we had been learning about. The Kea were very curious and not too shy to get up close to us.

To get into the habitats we had to go through double doors, closing the first door, before going through the next. Sometimes it was a real squeeze fitting everyone in!
The double doors were not so much to keep the birds in, but to keep other creatures out. Stoats and cats like to prey on the native birds which are protected species.

After our lunch we had to pick three animals we wanted to see before we had to catch the bus back. We studied the map and decided to visit the three animals spread out over the entire Zoo. We went to visit the Siamang Gibbon monkey's in the far left corner of the zoo, then the Elephant in the far right corner, then the Giraffe's. This meant that we travelled all over the Zoo and got to see lots of other animals along the way!

We saw the Orangutans, Seals, Hippopotomi, Baboons, Cheetahs and Flamingos just to name a few...
Have a look at the map below and see if you can work out which path Mrs Parker's group took!

It was an awesome day at Auckland Zoo... Stay tuned to our individual blogs for our personal recounts of the day.

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  1. I liked this blog because it was about the Zoo trip and all of the animal's at the Zoo.