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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Siosifa's recount of Auckland Zoo

On the 4th of April 2014, the years 7s, 8s and  the year 6s and 5s of room 10, 9 and 7 from Glenbrae School went to the Auckland Zoo to learn more about native trees and native birds.We left at nine and we traveled there by bus.

Kea at Auckland Zoo 
When we arrived there we proceeded directly to where the bird section.When we arrived we had three instructors which told us what we were supposed to do.We firstly went to where  the keas lived at the Zoo, they told us we had to stand still in order for the keas to come near us.The kea’s were olive green with curved pointy beak. They also told us if we put our hands out and try to touch them they would bite your hand off. When we finished we came out and moved on with the next instructor.

We moved on to the next instructor, we had gone to where the fantails, and tuis lived.We saw a lot of tuis and fantails.

After that we moved on to where kiwis live ,they lived at the night forest.They firstly showed us the eels that were not electric, then we moved to the night forest,they told us we had to be as quiet in order for the kiwis to come out, we saw a lot kiwis, then we came out and we all met at the our meeting place.

When we arrived at the meeting place they said  that we were going to be having lunch at the lunch place. After we had lunch we had an opportunity to see the different parts of the zoo. We saw a lot of animals like the crocodiles, spider monkey, baboons, porcupine, seals, hippos, tarantula, giraffes, zebras, reign dears, roosters, chickens and rhinos.Then we all returned back and headed back to school.

I learnt a lot about animals after that day and I would really like to go again. I was really exhausted and I my legs were sore.

By Siosifa
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