Room 10 Bright Sparks

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Week 11 - Celebrating Learning

What a wonderful way to end the school term.
On Monday Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker were delighted with the students who had handed in some of their Rangitoto Home Learning Challenge. 

We had our final Basketball Lesson with Coach Steph on Tuesday, where we were able to apply all of our dribbling, bouncing and passing skills in some quick fire games. 
Everyone played really well, displaying great teamwork and real talent! Jack thanked Coach Steph on behalf of Glenbrae and told her that the thing he liked best was learning how to spin the ball on his finger. 

We were spoilt with two Duffy presentations this week. A theatre, and a storyteller.
They were great fun, and asked for lots of participation. We enjoyed being an active audience. 

Nunia, thanked the Duffy Theatre on behalf of the School, and Hannah thanked the Storyteller. 

On Thursday we had a busy day finishing off our inquiry learning projects, and got to have fun reflecting on and celebrating our successes from the term. 

The lunch time special event involved a netball game between students and teachers. All of the school came to watch, it was a fantastic atmosphere with everyone cheering! It proved that Glenbrae certainly has talent! 

After lunch we had our final assembly which we proudly presented. Our wonderful MC's were Jerome and Gemima. 
We opened with our Room 10 Pepeha, then treated the audience to a Samoan Sasa performance. 
Awards were given to Edwina, Nunia, Alex, Eseki and Erina for their keen learning and role model behaviour while on our recent class trips. 
Eseki and Alex spoke on behalf of the class to share what and how we learned during the term, then Hannah shared her beautiful voice with us in a song. 
Finally Edwina led the school in our Karakia before we were dismissed for the Easter Holidays. 

Happy Holidays everyone. Keep reading. Keep asking questions. And most of all keep BLOGGING. 

Ka kite ano
Mrs Parker. 

Room 10's Pepeha

Tēna Koutou
Ko Maungarei to mātou maunga
Ko Waimakoia to mātou awa
Ko Glenbrae to mātou kura
No Glen Innes ahau,
engari he tauira ahua o te Ao Whanui
Ko Whaea Parker
me Whaea Raj o mātou kaiako
No ako manga Tekau ahau
Tēna koutou tena koutou
tena koutou katoa

Our mountain is Mt Wellington
Our river is Tamaki River
We are from Glenbrae School
We live in Glen Innes
but we are student’s of the world.
Mrs Parker 
and Mrs Raj are our teachers. 
I am from Room Ten
Greetings to all.


  1. Mrs Parker
    Sounds like your students packed an awful amount of work into the term and had a very excited time. I think I liked best hearing about the final assembly and talking about the Pepeha that you gave for the event. Wonderful to see that all your students have been posting regularly on their blogs too. Will keep an eye on the post of you and your students next term. Say hello to Mrs Raj and to Mrs Naidoo for me please. I used to work with both of them a very long time ago at another school that is since closed.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki

    1. Thanks Mr Webb, yes it was a great final assembly. Mrs Raj and I are team teaching in Room 10 this year, I'll pass on your regards. We will keep an eye on your blog too!
      Nga Mihi
      Mrs Parker.