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Friday, 14 March 2014

Friday Flash - End of Week 6!

This week has flown by, especially with both Mrs Parker and Mrs Raj being away on training seminars through the week. Luckily Room 10 had the wonderful Mrs Sigamoney instead. 
Constructing a blog comment. 
This week we talked about blogging and how to construct a thoughtful, helpful, positive comment. We love it when people comment on our blogs so please take the time to read through them and say something positive! 

This week we blogged about the graphs we have been making using Google Spreadsheets with the data we have collected over the term. 
We also wrote some fantastic Bio Poems about ourselves and our friends.  
To read our Bio Poems head to our blog homepage

We drew 10 wonderhoop winners today. The lucky recipients were Danielle, James, Siosifa, Alex, Salelei, Nunia, Anamanu, Atelaite, Gemima and Mangila. There were so many names in the hoop this week! 
Well done Room 10! And may the odds, be ever in your favour. 

Congratulations to the six people who received certificates also. Mangila for learning to work independently, Salelei and Nganga for beginning to work diligently, Jerome for excellent participation and skill development in Basketball, Anamanu for swimming skills, and James for learning to work diligently  

Stay tuned for next weeks adventures in Room 10 

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  1. Awesome work Room 10! I love the way you all are taking responsibility for your learning and are great participants in all learning activities. Continue the good work.