Room 10 Bright Sparks

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


This term Glenbrae School is receiving Netball training from Auckland Sport.
Every Tuesday for 40 minutes our Coach teaches us different skills through games.

The past couple of lessons we focused on passing, and today we were practicing keeping balance and intercepting. An intercept is when the ball is being passed between team members and a member from the other team jumps in the middle and intercepts the ball.

Today we played a warm up game called Rainbow Warrior where coach would call out a colour and each colour meant a different action. Green: Run, Orange: Skip, Purple: Jump and Red: Hop. When she called out Freeze we all had to freeze on the spot. Then coach would walk around and gently push you on the shoulder, to test if you could hold your balance. Then, she gave us tips on how we could make our balance better.

Following the warm up, we got into our house groups, Kowhai and Nikau together vs. Kauri and Rata. We played two games which required us to pass the ball across the court and into the hula hoop on the ground. You got one point for getting the ball in the hoop, but a whole 5 points for intercepting. Some of our team were really good at intercepting! 

Next week is the inter-schools Netball tournament, so some of us will get the chance to show of our skills their too! During the lesson Mrs Parker took note of the students who practiced good sportsmanship and fairplay. After the lesson she asked the students to nominate their classmates for the same thing, they were all the same people that Mrs Parker had noticed... Well done to Anamanu, Api'i, Atelaite, Danielle, Te Puawai, Edwina, Hannah, Salelei, Desire, Ngatokoono, Siosifa and Moli!


  1. Mrs Parker
    Looking forward to seeing a recount with the results of your Netball at the Inter Sport Competition. Are you putting a Boys team in the competition?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.

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