Room 10 Bright Sparks

Friday, 30 May 2014

Room 10 Friday Flash

What an exciting week we have had. We started with a rocky shore class trip to Long Bay Marine Reserve, were we learned about biodiversity, classifications of rock pool creatures, and how we can protect our oceans. To read more about our experiences read our individual blogs, you'll find links to them along the side of this page, or click here.
Tuesday we had our last session with our Netball coach... next up we will be learning badminton skills. 
On thursday we cancelled most our usual schedule in preparation for a special assembly to honour Mrs Cooper, our wonderful caretaker, who after 23 years dedicated service at Glenbrae School, is leaving to be closer to her family up north. We each made a handprint, which we wrote a personal message to Mrs Cooper, to thank her for taking care of us for all these years. 
On Friday we started our new courses at TECH@TAMAKI, Year 7's were on metal work and Year 8 students were on computer technology. In current affairs today we talked about a breaking news story on illegal crayfish selling in the South Island. This related perfectly to our current learning about fishing rules and valuing our fisheries. We had a great discussion and able to practice lots of new vocabulary we have been learning: seized, recreational, pseudo, penalties, thriving and many more. 

During lunch break Mrs Parker witnessed some fantastic collaboration and problem solving skills see here: 
The rugby ball was stuck in the tree, knowing it was two high to reach and too hard to climb, Anthony got Nganga on his shoulders, but they still couldn't reach, Timote helped by finding sticks to reach further, and before we knew it, the ball was down and the fun continued.

Have a great long weekend everybody, and remember, Monday is Queens Birthday so we have no school, on Tuesday it is also a Teacher Only Day, so see you all Wednesday! 


  1. Well done Room 10 for your reflections on the exiting week we all had at school. I really liked the way you managed to get the Rugby Ball down from the tree.

  2. Great collaborative effort boys! You guys are clever. What a neat idea of how to work together to achieve your goal.

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