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Friday, 21 June 2013

Off we went on our bikes!

This morning J.S came to our class to teach us bike safety skills.The first thing he taught us was to wear bright coloured t-shirts to stand out and be visible on the road. On the road you can wear a vest with reflective tape on it. when you are riding your bike on the road you can wear reflective gear to be safe on the road, he said.

We learnt to do a bike check today. We checked if both the brakes worked. We checked if the spokes weren’t wiggly, the tread wasn’t worn out and the bolts were tight. We checked if the bike had reflective gear on it. The most important thing on your bike is that you have a red reflective light on the back of your seat so cars from far away can see you . We checked our bikes for this.

The last thing J.S talked to us about was  that you need to wear a helmet when you ride your bike. He told us that if your helmet is cracked you can’t use it again. We adjusted the helmets to the size of our heads and off we went on our bikes having learnt a lot. It was a great day.  

By Alex

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  1. Hi Alex
    You certainly learned a lot from the bike safety session. I am impressed with the clarity of your writing.