Room 10 Bright Sparks

Monday, 24 June 2013

We had a soccer lesson with Ben the instructor from the Auckland Sports. First we started of with a game called octopus for our warm up. Then he showed us how to juggle the soccer ball with our legs. It was hard and fun at the same time.

Our soccer session 2 was equally fun and tiring.  We learnt to step with a soccer ball. We practiced the scissors step which is really a skilful stepping move. We also learnt to dribble the soccer ball and stop it with our foot. After that we were divided into two teams and  we played soccer for five minutes.

We learnt new soccer skills through the two sessions and feel more confident playing soccer.

By Christian


  1. I liked how yo put in your skills
    on soccer and how you learnt to heaps
    from soccer.

    By Edward

  2. Hi Christain I like how you are using big words in your writing.
    Keep it up. WELL DONE!

  3. Hi Christian
    I like how you wrote about all the different skills you learnt and if it was hard or easy, keep up the good work